Ouvert Lingerie

Open lingerie is the best way to show off your assets. Why hide them? When you can show them off with boldness and pride. Our selection of luxury lingerie includes a wide range of lingerie that will arouse your partner's desire. You will find everything you need to seduce and demonstrate your desires and fantasies. We have selected for you the sexiest pieces, by our luxury lingerie designers, Bordelle, Atelier Amour, Couture de Nuit, 13ème LUNEbut also Cadolle, Bracli, The Model Traitoror Zhilyova.

Play with the sexy lingerie elements, and reveal yourself!

The open lingerie will be your strongest asset of seduction. Discover our selection of open brasof open pantsand open body

Who said that the seductive lingerie should be secretly hidden under your clothes? Your night dressing room can also help you find the best outfit! Indulge yourself with one of our many lace bodysuits and add a fashionable piece to it. Let yourself be tempted by the open bodysuit, match it with a light blouse or an oversized blazer jacket or even just a trench coat. 

The trend erotic underwear works like a charm, so display your most beautiful pieces now designer lingerie to the big day. It's up to you, let a bit of lace protrude or completely unveil your lingerie piece by wearing a simple long sleeve bodysuit. In any case, you will be irresistible...

The only thing to remember with open lingerie is that you have to dare! Whatever your choice, reveal your femininity with pride. Free yourself from all rules and have fun. Starting with a simple split pantiesYou will end up gaining confidence and discovering yourself completely. Go for it, open lingerie is waiting for you!

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