Ouvert Lingerie

Open lingerie is the best way to show off your assets. Why hide them? When you can show them off with boldness and pride. Our selection of luxury lingerie includes a wide range of lingerie that will arouse your partner's desire. You will find everything you need to seduce and demonstrate your desires and fantasies. We have selected for you the sexiest pieces, by our luxury lingerie designers, Bordelle, Atelier Amour, Couture de Nuit, 13ème LUNEbut also Cadolle, Bracli, The Model Traitoror Zhilyova.

Play with the sexy lingerie elements, and reveal yourself!

Lingerie open at Brigade Mondaine

Dare to reveal yourself, and highlight your best assets with these particularly attractive lingerie. The open lingerie will adorn your body and your curves, while highlighting the most important parts.

The open bra

Brigade Mondaine offers you a wide selection of bras for all tastes, from our different luxury lingerie designers. The bra, created by Herminie Cadolle, also founder of the House Cadollea French company with a history dedicated to luxury lingerie. Give your breasts the luxury of being enhanced by the best possible bras with our open bras. If you're looking for romance and lace, check out Atelier Amour. You will make anyone who dares to look at you in this sublime open bra Nommée Désirwhich you can freely associate with the open panties Named Desirefor even more sexy moments. You can also try the devil with the Open bra Geisha Red from Cadolleto be associated with his sublime Red Knickerbockers. Made from red satin, its long satin ribbons are tied on the hips for the delight of the eyes. This sexy open lingerie is made for you, and will amaze her.

Open panties

You can get lost here, among the wide selection of sexy open panties, starting with a classic, the Art Deco open panties from Bordelle. You won't be able to resist its design, its 3 elastics on the front and the back as well as its belt that reminds us of the buildings of the 20's and that will highlight your body. Play with the mystery thanks to the open panties Sweet Insomnia from Atelier Amour. The play of materials creates an elegant and original graphic dynamism. Eroticism assured with this delicate and naughty piece. The small satin buttons that run along the panties can be unbuttoned as you wish... Match these panties with the Suspender Belt Soft Insomniaand the Soft Insomnia Brato play endlessly... Finally, shine thanks to the open string Moonlight from Crystal EyezThis is a great way to highlight your buttocks and make them shine.

Always more sexy open lingerie...

Fall for the open resille combination of Douce Insomnie by Atelier AmourThis is the kind of thing that will make you crack his buttons and get your arousal up to the max. Bordelle is also here for you with the Body Art Decoavailable in black and in red to be even sexier. E.L.F Zhou London makes you fierce with its opening in the back, and its impressive neckline, with the Laced Fishnet Body. The open back nightie from the collection Night on Broadway from Atelier Amour will make you all the more sublime, to hide a small open panty, or a string with opening... The perfect open bodysuit for you will be one of the Couture de Nuit. Fall for Scarlett, Eva, Giaor the asymmetric Vera.

You are free to choose your poison!

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