Bodysuits & Catsuits

The bodysuit, the catsuit, and the playsuit, three extremely feminine pieces, and totally versatile. A piece of fine lingerie, or ready to wear, very trendy. To add a classy touch to your outfit, or to complete your lingerie set. Let yourself be tempted by the bodysuits offered by Brigade Mondaine, and fall for an open bodysuit from Atelier Amoura glittering body of Crystal Eyezor an asymmetrical body of OW Intimates.

The body woman : piece of aThere is something for everyone, whether it's an evening wear or a daytime accessory. Bodysuits and catsuits allow to sublimate the woman's body and to bring their own touch to an ensemble. Worn alone, or matched with an outfit, the bodysuit and catsuit know how to be noticed! They emphasize the silhouette, sublimate the body and can even be used as jewelry. However, there are so many types and ranges of bodysuits that it is sometimes difficult to find the right one. There are many options depending on whether you are looking for a thong bodysuit, a lingerie bodysuit, or a halter bodysuit. Brigade Mondaine offers several lace bodysuits, which will fit your desires. Different designers like Studio Pia, Ichor or Atelier Amour will know how to offer you the bodysuit or the catsuit that you need. In order to go even further in the eroticism than with the body or the catsuit, Brigade Mondaine also proposes you harness to spice up your game sessions, or your daytime outfits! 


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