Bodysuits & Catsuits

The bodysuit, the catsuit, and the playsuit, three extremely feminine pieces, and totally versatile. A piece of fine lingerie, or ready to wear, very trendy. To add a classy touch to your outfit, or to complete your lingerie set. Let yourself be tempted by the bodysuits offered by Brigade Mondaine, and fall for an open bodysuit from Atelier Amoura glittering body of Crystal Eyezor an asymmetrical body of OW Intimates.

Dare to wear a bodysuit!

The woman's bodysuit sublimates your body, and adapts to all situations. Worn as a ready to wear or as sexy lingerie, this versatile item will fit all occasions. Choose a lace bodysuit to enhance your figure, and assert your femininity. The thong bodysuit will replace your lingerie set, and make way for a sexy shape, accentuating your hips and curves. Feel sexy in a black lace bodysuit, a classic in lingerie. A backless bodysuit or the long sleeve bodysuit could be a strong piece for your outfits, to associate with more basic pieces, jeans, complemented by a transparent shirt, it will not fail to satisfy your desires for style!

Choose a bodysuit with a cleavage, and highlight your upper body! The bodysuit will be your best ally, and is an essential piece in your wardrobe. It will be as successful as a piece of lingerie, as a piece of ready-to-wear. For a femme fatale effect, opt for the catsuit, an incredibly sexy piece that will highlight every curve, every part of your body. A classic element of the BDSM universe, it will give you all the confidence you need, and will put anyone at your feet. As for the playsuits, made of elastics, they can be both harnesses to wear on your clothes, as accessories, but will also be incredible in a more private setting, on sexy lingerie, or even on your skin ...

Discover our wide selection of women's bodysuits, a piece of lingerie, but also an essential piece as a ready-to-wear. Dare to wear the women's body suit that will shape your figure, and opt for a body string that will enhance your hips, and that you can easily wear with jeans. For guaranteed comfort, the bodysuit panties open at the bottom thanks to buttons or clips, so that you can be trimmed in any circumstance! Hide your sexy bodysuit under your dress, or your large T-shirt, to be sexy under your clothes, and every time ready for a sexy evening. Give a rock look to your outfits by adding a black lace body and black boots! Express your true nature and fully embrace your femininity with a luxurious catsuit, and wear it elegantly with a blazer, or at home to be always sexy. The ultimate piece of seduction is the catsuit, a sexy combination inspired by bdsm and ready-to-wear that hugs the shape of the body. The playsuit, a harness made of elastics, will highlight your forms, and underline your curves. As an accessory, or as a piece of lingerie, this item will not fail to satisfy you!

Our creators are specialists in bodysuits:
Atelier Amour, Bordelle, Bracli, Cadolle, E.L.F Zhou London, Flash You and Me, Ow Intimates

For the Catsuit, go see Playful Lingerie!

If you're more interested in playsuit, Couture de Nuit, Flash You and Meor The Model Traitor will be there to satisfy all your desires!

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