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The open panty, also called split panty, is the most essential weapon of open lingerie. It is a suggestive piece that highlights your most beautiful forms while leaving a side accessible to your partner! The open panties can be accessible from different angles: in front, opening an immediate access to your intimacy or behind, which gives a direct access to your buttocks: beware of spankings! Whether in leather, elastic or fishnet, Brigade Mondaine offers a wide choice of bdsm and bondage lingerie among which you will have no trouble finding your happiness!

Discover the open panties of our designers Atelier Amour, Crystal Eyez, Braclior Bordelle.


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Which open panties to choose?

The open panty, also called split panty, is a sexier and more erotic version of the panty. It is a piece of erotic lingerie similar to panties but open in some places to let the female secret garden accessible and breathe! Panties can have various shapes, including high-waisted panties. Wearing high-waisted panties allows you to sculpt your lower body and enhance your shape. Discover the high waist panties Daria from Gonzales ! The crotchless panties will make you irresistible! Opt for a red panty from Bracliin the collection SydneyWe also offer a multitude of open thongs with pearls. You'll make anyone who dares to look at you fall in love with this sublime Nommée Désir open bra, which you can freely combine with the open panties Named Desire d'Atelier Amourfor even more sexy moments. You can also try the devil with the Open bra Geisha Red from Cadolleto be associated with his sublime Red Knickerbockers. Made from red satin, its long satin ribbons are tied on the hips for the delight of the eyes. This sexy open lingerie is made for you, and will amaze her. The open panties.

Open panties at Brigade Mondaine

You can get lost here, among the wide selection of sexy open panties, starting with a classic, the Art Deco open panties from Bordelle. You won't be able to resist its design, its 3 elastics on the front and the back as well as its belt which reminds us of the buildings of the 20's and which will highlight your body. Play with the mystery thanks to the open panties Mild Insomnia. The play of materials creates an elegant and original graphic dynamism.

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