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The open panty, also called split panty, is the most essential weapon of open lingerie. It is a suggestive piece that highlights your most beautiful forms while leaving a side accessible to your partner! The open panties can be accessible from different angles: in front, opening an immediate access to your intimacy or behind, which gives a direct access to your buttocks: beware of spankings! Whether in leather, elastic or fishnet, Brigade Mondaine offers a wide choice of bdsm and bondage lingerie among which you will have no trouble finding your happiness!

Discover the open panties of our designers Atelier Amour, Crystal Eyez, Braclior Bordelle.


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The open breeches, or slit breeches, is the piece of seductive lingerie of reference! It will be your best ally and will be able to reveal with mystery and elegance your assets, and insert a hint of nudity in your erotic lingerie. 

The open panty will be, as its name suggests, open at the crotch, and will discover your buttocks in an elegant and delicious way. 

Opt for sensuality by associating your open panties with a open braor better, with a pair of nipple covers

To create the perfect ensemble, turn to our luxury lingerie designers... Choose a set of open lingerie red with Bordelle Signature Red, or discover our delicate lace lingerie pieces by BracliG-String and Strings made to maximize your pleasure. 

A large selection of open panties is available on Brigade Mondaine. Crack on now! 

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