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Couture de Nuit naturally reinvents the approach to luxury lingerie! Creations elaborated and handmade in Barcelona, from velvet elastic and with quality finishings... playsuitsThese are exceptional bodysuits, bodysuits, combishorts or lingerie harnesses that emancipate women and liberate their femininity. Catchy and mischievous, the elastic becomes precious. The harness becomes a jewel!


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Couture de Nuit is a brand of a luxury erotic inspired by the bondageat Brigade Mondaine for several years.
Alexandra, founder of the brand since 2016, was looking for THE piece of lingerie that would free her from the modern shackles, not having found it, she created it!
She dreamed of the combination of eroticism and elegance...
With this gesture, she sends a clear and strong message to all women: "You are free and guardians of your freedoms! ».
So when a woman feels fulfilled in a playsuit... Couture de Nuitit's just his dream come true.

Couture de Nuit, an eco-responsible and supportive luxury approach...

Luxurious, versatile, erotic and bondage, Couture de Nuit's creations cannot be summed up in a single word...
Each model in soft velvet has been carefully designed, it is unique. If you see others on the social networks, they are only vulgar copies.
The velvet elastic used was chosen for its high quality but also for its bright colours (black, fuchsia, red, olive green, midnight blue...). All materials come from Europe.
The combishorts are made entirely by hand so that all seams are invisible. It takes several hours to make a single piece!

The making of the playsuit GIA requires 7 hours of work.
That's what makes the difference between luxury designer lingerie and what is made in Asia or elsewhere...
The designer has also banned all plastic from her packaging to maintain an eco-responsible approach.

Couture de Nuit, one size fits all...

Each combishort is created on a woman's body so that it can be easily adjusted to her morphology.
All the adjustments as well as the placement of the elastics are carefully studied and tested before the designer decides to start production.
Velvet elastic is a great material, it adapts to all curves and therefore to all bodies.
Only 3 or 4 new models each year and no stored products.
Couture de Nuit's creations are like jewels that we keep like a magnificent collection for life.

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