BORDELLE SS21 Beautiful Yet Dangerous fierce and free collection... Beauty is often found in the dangerous.

A collection inspired by the beauty of wilderness and the cruelty of deadly animals.

Named after Mauna Kea, one of the highest mountains in the world and an underwater volcano in Hawaii, the KEA range is made from Swiss lace made especially for Bordelle. 

Rey, short for Reynisfjara, is the name of a beautiful and deadly black sand beach in Iceland.

The Rey range was inspired by the journey of the famous motorcyclist Elspeth Beard, the first British woman to ride a motorbike around the world.

BORDELLE, the English luxury brand distributed by Brigade Mondaine, was founded by Alexandra Popa in London in 2007.

Its French name, evoking a house with a "bad reputation", is an ironic wink between sex and fashion.

Its ambition is to remain an independent fashion house and to erase the barriers between clothing and underwear: to offer lingerie that shows itself and mixes luxury and sensuality.

BORDELLE's aesthetics are rooted in a unique technique where satin elastic bands are combined with a variety of fabrics to create iconic pieces highlighting "SM luxury" sensuality.

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