Logo representative of the brand Bordelle

BORDELLE Lingerie de luxe, the English brand distributed by Brigade Mondaine, was founded by Alexandra Popa in London in 2007. Its French name, evoking a house of "bad reputation", is an ironic wink between sex and fashion. Its ambition is to remain an independent fashion house and to erase the barriers between clothing and underwear: to offer lingerie that shows itself and mixes luxury and sensuality. BORDELLE's aesthetic is rooted in a unique technique that combines satin elastic bands and a variety of fabrics to create iconic pieces that showcase "SM luxe" sensuality.

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Find the DNA of the brand Bordelle through its Signatures collections available in black, burnt red, caramel and ivory.

Bordelle SS23 - Kleio "The Beauty of Sound. The spring summer 2023 collection is inspired by the visualization of sound, "the beauty of sound". This very luxurious lingerie collection is divided into several ranges, like musical notes, each inspired by the different ways sounds can be visualized, by the frequency of vibrations, instruments and color.

Kleio collection by Bordelle; Named after the muse of the stringed instrument the lyre, the collection combines soft mesh and elastic satin straps in extravagant centerpieces and ready-to-wear shapes. The Kleio collection features luxurious details with a new 24-karat gold-plated link component. Kleio lingerie pieces are directly inspired by musical notes and instrument bodies.

Bordelle SS23 - CYMATIC

Cymatic collection signed BordelleThe delicate and unique embroidery illustrates the Cymatic image of the word "Bordelle" spoken into a microphone, using a Cymascope to create the designs. Embroidered on a nude recycled tulle base, the collection comes in classic black, seductive burnt red and elegant sage. The new 24-karat gold-plated link component connects to the delicate satin-finished elastic band and adds an opulent double-ring effect, emphasizing the luxurious bondage aesthetic. With a refined selection of styles that highlight the intricate embroidery, the Cymatic line is both feminine and opulent.

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