BORDELLE, the English luxury brand distributed by Brigade Mondaine was founded by Alexandra Popa in London in 2007. Its French name, evoking a house of "bad reputation", is an ironic wink between sex and fashion. Its ambition is to remain an independent fashion house and to erase the barriers between clothing and underwear: to offer lingerie that shows itself and mixes luxury and sensuality.

BORDELLE's aesthetics are rooted in a unique technique where satin elastic bands are combined with a variety of fabrics to create iconic pieces highlighting "SM luxury" sensuality.

BORDELLE AW22 Beautiful Yet Dangerous fierce and free... Beauty is often found in what is dangerous. A continuation of SS21, the AW21 | 22 collection is inspired by the multitude of colors and textures found deep in the ocean. A collection inspired by the beauty of nature and a reminder of the brand's commitment to becoming a more sustainable company.

Rey, short for Reynisfjara, is the name of a beautiful and deadly black sand beach in Iceland. The Rey range from Bordelle was inspired by the journey of the famous motorcyclist Elspeth Beard, the first British woman to ride a motorcycle around the world.

Ula means "jewel of the sea", a range of contemporary lingerie, timeless and ageless like the nature that surrounds us. Strong but easily wearable pieces, embellished with elements inspired by bondage, the DNA of Bordelle aesthetics.

Bordelle's Ula range combines two fabrics; a luxurious soft stretch knit and a recycled knit with an aluminium finish. The foiling technique is new this season, creating a pearlescent finish inspired by the reflection of water. The oversized 24-carat gold-plated finish contrasts with the softness of the jersey, the transparency of the fishnet and the satin elastic. The collection features the super soft satin elastic band, appreciated for its comfort while maintaining a classic bondage aesthetic. In terms of colours, sophisticated and opulent black shares the spotlight with Eden, the deep and rich green evoking lush forests...

Aurea a unique and feminine range of lingerie, named after Aurelia Aurita, a bioluminescent jellyfish species. The lace was custom designed for Bordelle, directly inspired by the intricate and delicate shapes of jellyfish.
Black is sophisticated and opulent, with shimmering gold and silver lurex threads, Eden combines contemporary shades of green with contrasting purple, and Tundra is the most unique embroidery to date. Incorporating distinctive threads that glow in the dark, Tundra is inspired by bioluminescence in nature. Strong yet easily wearable pieces, embellished with bondage-inspired elements, the DNA of the Bordelle aesthetic. The finishes are always in 24-carat gold plating.
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