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Art for Art's Sake

The new collection is BORDELLE inspired by the dark and romantic Victorian English aesthetic movement.

All the pieces were designed in the spirit of the concept of "art for art" defending self-expression and an explosion of beauty above moral expectations.

Like a luminous jewel made of jade and gold, the Wilde collection highlights the delicate shapes of women.

Named after London's iconic botanical gardens, the KEW range is made from fishnet and embroidered Black elastics, morello red and navy blue, developed exclusively for BORDELLE.

BORDELLE the English luxury brand distributed by Brigade Mondaine, was founded by Alexandra Popa in London in 2007.

Its French name, evoking a house of "bad reputation", is an ironic nod between sex and fashion.

Its ambition is to remain an independent fashion house and to clear the barriers between clothing and underwear: thus, to offer lingerie that shows itself and mixes luxury and sensuality.

The aesthetics of BORDELLE, is anchored in a unique technique where satin elastic bands and a variety of fabrics are combined to create iconic pieces that highlight a "SM luxe" sensuality.

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