Panties, thongs, shorties, panties, open panties, G-string. Brigade Mondaine offers you all possible and unimaginable styles of stockings! You will find THE piece of lingerie ...that will sublimate your buttocks and your kidney fall...

All the pieces we offer are from designers with a unique and original style; most of them offer us their talent through unique and handmade pieces. In lace, in elastic or in silk or satin, you will be able to find your happiness among the creations that we propose you.

Be cheeky and let yourself be tempted by your creators favorites: Bracli, Bordelle, E.L.F Zhou London, Atelier Amour...and many others...

A lingerie set is composed of a top and a bottom (that makes sense to you). However, there are so many choices out there that we don't know where to start. So we're going to clear it all up.

The panties: female underwear covering both the buttocks and the genital area. The panties are among the underwear most used by women. The panties are often, for the most part, made of cotton but we can find a large part of lace or other materials. Open panties, also called slit panties, are a sexier and more erotic version of panties. It is a piece of lingerie similar to the panties but open in some places to let the feminine secret garden accessible and breathe! Panties can have various shapes, including the high waist panty. Wearing a high waist panty allows you to sculpt your lower body and enhance your shapes. Discover the Daria high waist panties from Gonzales Business!

L’BDSM world opens its doors to you with your favourite brand of harness pants. Bordelle. The G-String : type of underwear, also called G-String, designed to hide the kidney drop and to fully reveal your buttocks. G-strings are often made of very few materials, or fabrics, which gives it the particularity of being discreet under certain clothes. The high waist g-string is a very elegant and discreet piece at the back allowing you to sculpt and reveal your best assets.

Get ready to be transported to the Seventh Heaven with the high waist thongs and thongs Bracli. This creator takes you on a journey of unique sensations with his Mallorca pearls stimulating your G spot. The thong is a variation of the g-string, it is a piece of lingerie almost similar to the g-string. It is a piece that hides the feminine bottom and also covers part of the buttocks, often with a small triangle of fabric. Atelier Amour offers you thongs with frills, or with an opening, have a look!

Our creators the cheeky ones: 13ème LUNE, Atelier Amour, Bordelle, Cadolle, Bluebella, Crystal Eyez, Dora Larsen, E.L.F Zhou London, Flash You and Me, Gonzales, Lickstarter, Lucky Cheeks, Superbe, Zhilyova.

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