Brigade Mondaine offers you a wide selection of bras for all tastes, from our different designers of luxury lingerie. The bra, designed by Herminie Cadolle, also founder of the Maison Cadollea French company whose history is entirely dedicated to luxury lingerie. Give your breasts the luxury of being held in place by the best possible bras, whether it's an open bra, or a bra with a front closure, made of lace or tulle, be sure to choose the best for your body. Spoil it, and treat your body the way it deserves! You'll feel even more beautiful and confident. Our bras will be your best assets!

The bra, the essential accessory of the feminine lingerie

Whatever your preferences and desires Brigade Mondaine offers you a wide selection of bra which adapt to all morphologies. 

Our creators like Bordelle, Atelier Amour, Bracli... offer you high quality, comfortable and original bras. 

Opt for a bustier bra or balconnet, bralette, bare back, open, triangles

Or opt for a two-in-one bra that can be worn day or night, in top and crop topWhat to make modern and sexy outfits! 

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