Lingerie Accessories

A selection of luxury lingerie accessories of exceptional quality, from harnesses to garters, including chokers and nipple covers...
Harnesses, luxury BDSM accessories, often made of leather, are often indispensable accessories for sexy lingerie when you try bondage. Let yourself be tempted by our leather harnesses from the brand UPKO, Mia Atelier, Blasted Skinor our shibari rope harnesses from Figure of A.

Lingerie accessories will complete your sexy lingerie sets, and will be the little extra that will make your outfit a real masterpiece. 

Discover our entire range of Body jewelryYou will find a wide range of body chains and nipple clamps to put on or under your lingerie to complete all your wildest looks. 

Body chainsor accessories that can be adapted to your needs. instruments of pleasureyou have something for everyone at the Brigade Mondaine.

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