Lingerie Accessories

A selection of luxury lingerie accessories of exceptional quality, from harnesses to garters, including chokers and nipple covers...
Harnesses, luxury BDSM accessories, often made of leather, are often indispensable accessories for sexy lingerie when you try bondage. Let yourself be tempted by our leather harnesses from the brand UPKO, Mia Atelier, Blasted Skinor our shibari rope harnesses from Figure of A.

Lingerie accessories will complete your sexy lingerie sets, and add that little extra element that will make your outfit a masterpiece. Turn heads with the bra accessories available!
Gala evenings, festivals, crazy nights? The body jewel and the body chain are there to embellish you and underline all your beautiful curves. In gold plated, crystals or metal, we offer jewellery for bust, back and breasts. Elica D'Oro our main creator of body jewellery and back jewellery, in collaboration with Swarovski, offers you various coloured models with different crystals (agate, mother of pearl, jade, ...).
Discover our whole range of body jewellery, body chains and nipple clamps throughout this page!

The harness for a bdsm lingerie

Often associated with the SM, the bondage harness is a flagship BDSM accessory in this universe. Worn on your clothes, or even on your skin, find all kind of accessories, like BDSM constraints, BDSM straps, that will allow you to tie your submissive, or to be tied by your dom. You can also find our different bdsm kits including all kind of accessories to add spice to your games. Trendy, original, sensual ... body jewels are more and more worn, either underneath or under our clothes, especially by the feminine gente for you metamorphose and illuminate you from head to toe.

Body jewellery for fine lingerie

These body ornaments add a new and fresh touch to our beautiful curves. The erotic function of these jewels highlights the charms of the wearer, inviting the other to touch, devour and get closer to the eroticised body. Bust jewellery, back jewellery and body chains are a new accessory, which will become indispensable. A real accessory, when temperatures rise, body jewellery will not leave your partner indifferent. Body jewellery is not only shiny, the stones embedded in the jewellery carry with them a meaning, a story and an extra value to the bling-bling aspect. The teton covers are among the most popular body jewellery. Nipple shields are breast jewellery, mostly adhesive, used to cover the nipple. These breast jewels are used a lot in burlesque shows. Become a dancer and make your nipples shine! Let yourself be caressed and drawn by the delicacy of the body chains of Elica D'Oroor decorate your nipples with the nipple clamps. UPKO.

Nipple covers for luxury lingerie

Use nipple clamps during your games to titillate your partner's senses, specifically on the breasts, an extremely sensitive area, or even the lips. The pain caused will allow you to assert your dominance, and will take your bondage games even further. The very simple use of breast tongs does not prevent you from being careful when using them. Make sure they are not sharp or hurtful, and do not hesitate to test them beforehand. Opt for Snowflake breast clipsor the Crown breast clampsThe unique shape and gold finish is eye-catching and gives you a painful but gentle sensation. The chains between the clamps are the trigger of your love and desire. These breast clamps can be used as restraints and oscillate when the body moves.

Garter belt and garters for luxury lingerie

Garter belts and garters make the 100% accessory pair seductive! This pair of erotic underwear and sensual will make your lower body a marvel. Garter belts can be combined with all possible and existing stockings: pantiesThe garter belt will only enhance your lower body.
Complete your lingerie set with an exceptional piece handmade in limited series by the most luxurious lingerie brands present on Brigade Mondaine. More elegance and elasticity? Bordelle will know how to satisfy you. Our creator ELF Zhou London offers you pieces mixing stockings and garter belts. Discover also all the unique pieces of our creators. 13ème LUNE, Zhilyova, Bracli

Chokers for bondage lingerie

Choose from chokers and rings of different sizes, to bring a bondage touch, which you can easily combine with your outfits. You just want to feel a simple, light embrace on your neck? The Bordelle elastic collars will satisfy you. Available in various colors, Strap Collar will be able to satisfy you. Light, thin, elegant, the chokers of Bordelle will sublimate your neck and will bring the touch that was missing to your outfit or to your set of luxury lingerie.

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