Suspender belt panties

The garter belt is a piece of luxury lingerie combining the most common stocking for women with the essential accessory of eroticism. This mix offers us a glamorous, sensual and practical product. It is a 2 in 1 product which aims to magnify you and to emphasize your most beautiful forms.

Attach stockings or garters directly to your garter belt, and play with this unusual piece to get the most out of your sex appeal!

Discover the garter belt panties at our erotic lingerie designers Bordelle, Bluebella, Braclior E.L.F Zhou London !


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The selection of suspender belt panties at Brigade Mondaine

A set of fine lingerie is composed of a top and a bottom (this seems logical to you). However, there are so many choices and we don't know where to start. So let's clear it all up.

The panties

Female underwear covering both the buttocks and the genital area. The panties are part of the most used underwear by the female gender. The panties are mostly made of cotton but we can find a large part in lace or other materials.

The garter belt

It is an accessory that is also considered as women's underwear. It is a belt-like piece that can be adjusted around the hips to spice up your sexy lingerie ensemble. Often made of lace, some garter belts are used as waistbands to get a flat stomach effect. This piece is a symbol of power, femininity and elegance. Embellish your stocking and your curves with this masterpiece! Worn with sexy panties, thongs, tangas and even boxer shorts, the garter belt is an accessory that is becoming more and more fashionable. It's a luxury lingerie accessory that fits all body types, so don't hesitate!

The garter belt is a mix of the two lingerie elements.

The garter panties will be your best ally, if you want a panty that can carry your stockings or garters at the same time. Combine the sexy side of the garter belt with this essential element of women's underwear, and reveal yourself in a position of power.

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