Naga Studio Pia Luxury ethical lingerie

Bustier shell with transparent fabric and embroidered snake pattern on top, straps with 24 carat gold finnois by studio pia chez brigade mondaine with for bottom a transparent Thong with embroidered snake pattern on top, top with wave studio par chez brigade mondaine

The luxury lingerie brand Studio Pia is back with a collection that has been more than requested. The Naga line returns with an improved fit, updated sizing and brand new pieces with stunning custom details.

Naga bra and open panties set in transparent and black color. Open panties also having as function garter belt. Set in fishnet, fabric with waves and swirls adjustable by 24 carat gold finishes.

Why choose Naga?

Founded in 2017 by fashion designer Pia Conaghan, the brand of luxury lingerie Studio Pia affirmed its luxury positioning at the 2018 edition of the Lingerie Show. 

Studio Pia ethically manufactures lingerie in the UK with an emphasis on creative design and cruelty-free organic silk. Each garment is designed to be ultra flattering on any body type through the expert use of sexy cuts, ensuring support with adaptable sections, allowing for a personalized fit.

The Naga line was originally released as part of the AW19 "Arcana" collection, which was inspired by modern witchcraft and Frances F. Denny's "Major Arcana: Witches in America" photography project.

 The swirling snake embroidery used for the line evokes the myths that snakes are witches' familiars, guardians of knowledge, transmitters of magic and even witches themselves. The new Naga collection returns with artistic and erotic lingerie.

Black strapless bodysuit with gold finishings, bodysuit in shell, wave shape on the shells and on the top of the panties. Back of the body intertwined to the bottom of the back.
Transparent bra with embroidered motifs, black straps with 24-carat finishes

Transparent panties with embroidered snake motifs on top, black straps with gold finishings 24 carts by studio pia at brigade mondaine

The Naga range will amaze you day and night...

The Naga range can be worn during an evening event, indeed the details of the fine lingerie will enhance your outfit. You can adopt a casual outfit or wear this collection as underwear woman.

In this collection, there are underwear sets such as brass, of the pantiesthongs, g-strings bodysuit and finally garter belts. The a The lace bra is back in fashion, we will find different types of bras such as invisible bras, backless bras, push-up and bras. The bra was redesigned for its return and now has a three-part cut, in addition to multi-positional straps. 

As the name suggests, the bra cups are carefully crafted from three individual sections of tulle, making the cups more robust. The move to three-piece cups offers better support for larger sizes and has allowed them to expand their bra size range.  

Designs thought out with great care by Studio Pia

The panties and thongs have also been redesigned, we will find sexy open back panties for a bewitching effect. But also tanga panties, there are also thongs with openings to enhance your body.

Finally we have women's bodysuits, these bodysuits can be lingerie bodysuits or a piece that will enhance your outfit during the evening. It can be a backless bodysuit for a hypnotic effect, a lace bodysuit or simply a black lace bodysuit.

Now you can pair one piece from the collection with another. In addition to the updated sizing, the Naga line now features a brand new undershirt that wraps your body in swirling abstract shapes, perfectly framing your curves. 

You can pair it with Clea Strap in Jet for a truly mesmerizing look or show off a scalloped edge under an unbuttoned shirt.

The future of Studio Pia is all set, the brand wants to design a collection of creative, sustainable luxury pieces that challenge preconceived notions of ethical fashion aesthetics and offer the customer a timeless luxury to be proud of. 

Black strapless bodysuit with gold finishings, bodysuit in shell, wave shape on the shells and on the top of the panties. Back of the body intertwined to the bottom of the back.

Shoppe quickly the Naga bestseller collection of the brand!

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