Studio Pia is a luxury lingerie brand with a conscience, ethical and eco-friendly luxury lingerie. The lingerie pieces make references to nature and the worlds of fine art as well as Haute Couture. The colors and textures are rich, the shapes and designs striking. The craftsmanship is perfect...

It was in 2016, after spotting a gap in the market for lingerie that was both ethical and luxurious, that designer Pia launched her own line of lingerie with the eponymous brand. Pia was already a reference in design and consulting for all things lingerie and the lead designer at Bordellewhere his creations have been worn by Madonna, Beyonce and Britney Spears...

A lifelong vegetarian, Pia was the first in the luxury lingerie industry to create a collection using only organic, animal-friendly silk. Studio Pia has challenged preconceived notions of ethical fashion aesthetics. Studio Pia uses only the highest quality, ethical and eco-friendly materials. For the making of their underwear, the brand uses organic peace silk, a wild silk called Eri, produced without harming the silkworm;

Creative custom embroidery made from recycled tulle, designed by founder and creative director Pia in her London studio and manufactured by suppliers in Europe;
All the metal material is 24 karat gold plated and of European origin for the most luxurious finish. The price of each design reflects skilled European craftsmanship (in the UK and Europe), organic peace silk, embroidery and 24K gold-plated finishes. Each Studio Pia creation is designed to flatter all body types, with adjustable sliders on each piece, allowing for a personalized fit.

Fall in love with the Clea line, Studio Pia's iconic open lingerie collection, inspired by
of the fetish aesthetic. Bold cuts that cage the body, drawing attention and capturing the imagination. Browse Naga, the world's best-selling line. Its snakes swirl on custom, organic embroidery inspired by modern witchcraft. Let Naga's abstract design and sophisticated timeless shapes embrace your body for a look that's sure to mesmerize. "Soraya's gold embroidery adorns the body with intricate craftsmanship for a luxuriously indulgent look." - Pia, Creative Director. Fall in love with the Soraya collection, Studio Pia's favorite!

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