The protruding thong: the controversial trend

Fashion is constantly evolving, where past trends are reinvented to suit current trends. One controversial trend is making a comeback: low-rise pants with visible thongs. An emblematic style of 2000s pop culture (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera), these pieces are back in the news. 

This trend raises complex questions about freedom of expression, the perception of female sexuality and the power of fashion to redefine identity. To understand this phenomenon, it is essential to explore not only the aesthetic and cultural aspects, but also the social and symbolic implications. With this in mind, designers such as Lucky Cheeks, Asche & Gold and Bordelle play a significant role, offering bold lingerie pieces that embody the rebelliousness of this style with a touch of luxury and beauty.

1. Lucky Cheeks thongs

Secret Geisha thong by Lucky Cheeks

G-strings Lucky Cheeksknown for their finesse and elegance, offer a variety of styles that deserve to be highlighted by protruding slightly beyond the pants, adding a subtle touch of seduction to any outfit.

What's more, the diversity of thong shapes and colors Lucky Cheeks offers a multitude of options, enabling everyone to find the model that perfectly matches their preferences.

Among these choices, the string jewel Secret Geisha is distinguished by its discreet, timeless black color and small silver chain, making it an ideal companion for low-rise pants, adding a touch of elegance to any ensemble.

2. The string Asche & Gold

Woman wearing the Aurele thong by Asche & Gold.

The Aurèle thong harness from Asche & Gold is a notable option. With its 3 elastics that embellish the hips, wearing it under low-waisted pants will reveal the beauty of this lace and velvet lingerie piece, adding a touch of luxury and sensuality to your intimate wardrobe. Find it now on our site and explore the range of possibilities it offers to express your unique style.

3. The string Bordelle

Set Signature of the brand Bordelle
BORDELLE Signature - Thong Harness Red

The red thong harness from Bordelle is a bold option that instantly elevates your outfit to the next level. Embellished with an elastic band and a red bow tie, letting this detail show through reveals a luxurious side thanks to the quality of the piece, a subtle side thanks to the bow, and an ambitious side thanks to the vibrant red color.

Asche & Gold's exquisite creations, with their subtle marriage of delicate lace and luxurious velvet, testify to a constant quest for the perfect aesthetic, while Bordelle's provocative designs, like the red harness thong, defy convention with flamboyant confidence. Meanwhile, Lucky Cheeks' elegant thongs, combining finesse and style, celebrate feminine sensuality with a touch of refinement.

Ultimately, these pioneering brands don't just follow trends, they dictate them, shaping the landscape of contemporary fashion. Their contribution goes beyond aesthetics; they participate in a broader cultural dialogue, exploring the boundaries of personal expression and individual freedom in an ever-changing society. In a world where fashion is becoming a universal language, these brands hold the power to redefine norms and catalyze social change, while offering everyone the opportunity to express themselves with boldness, style and confidence.

Immerse yourself in a world where audacity meets elegance, where each piece tells a story of freedom and personal expression, and discover our thongs. Asche & Gold, Lucky Cheeks and Bordelle and all our references on our website or in our Showroom in the 5th arrondissement of Paris.

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