GONZALES Caravasar Collection

The Brigade Mondaine will surprise you again with this sublime Caravasar collection from Gonzales

Caravasar Collection

Caravasar, an inner journey

This new collection is a talisman. Caravasar in Spanish or "caravanserai" in French is a building that welcomes merchants and pilgrims along the roads and in the cities. The designer shows us with this new collection the adventure lived since her first creations in 2006.

Remastered pieces are present in this new line of products. The iconic indolent skirts now adopt cuts that delicately reveal the skin for even more femininity and elegance.

The pieces are juxtaposed to each other and offer you an infinite number of possibilities.

Caravasar is a project whose creations are inspired by the female body and the energy it gives off.

Treat yourself to already iconic pieces that embrace and reinforce the principles of the modern woman.

A collection where elegant transparency is king

Over the years, Carmen has developed a unique and strong style, which she uses to design her luxury lingerie collections.
The influences of fine arts and graphic illustration are found in each collection.

Especially in this Caravasar collection which is a cross between all the influences of these past years.

An ethical creation for an already iconic collection

Don't miss this new collection. The designer Carmen thinks about the planet and you.

Made with responsible fabrics and in an artisanal way in the workshop of Gran Canaria, the brand avoids any type of waste with a limited production. It makes a point of using the most beautiful materials such as lace and satin from all over Europe.

All the production has a tailor-made approach. The lingerie pieces of this brand are rare and exclusive and respect a drastic ethical charter.

Because there will be no Planet B, sensible lingerie is the choice we must make.

Don't wait any longer and fall for Caravasar now!

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