GONZALES Affaires is the high-end lingerie brand created by the designer and illustrator Carmen Gonzales.

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Since her debut in 2006, where she launches the most beautiful adventure of her life, Carmen Gonzales and wins in 2016 the TALENT contest of INTIMA.

Her collections are full of beauty and elegance with a powerful touch of sensuality and eroticism. All the collections are designed and made in Spain in her workshop in Gran Canaria, mostly by hand, as well as in small workshops in Barcelona. She makes a point of using the most beautiful materials such as lace and satin from all over Europe.

GONZALES Lingerie is a fashion house inspired by the woman in all her states, and imagines lingerie pieces that embrace and empower the modern woman. Designer Carmen Gonzales is an artist and crafts each piece with extreme attention to detail to create a luxurious and sensory-rich product. Everything is produced with a custom approach. The lingerie pieces of this brand are therefore rare and exclusive and respect a drastic ethical charter.

The designer GONZALES works only with the most exclusive and high quality fabrics and accessories. The silk is organic and comes from Italy, France and the United Kingdom; The tulle is Italian; The teohnioal and silky satin also comes from Italy. All metallic elements are silver plated and come from France; Elastics are made in Spain and Japan.

GONZALES Affaires also creates exclusive parts for the Brigade Mondaine.

All lingerie pieces signed by GONZALES Lingerie are made in limited edition. No more than 50 pieces per model are created for each collection.

Fall for Demure, Darya, Lou or Caravasar.

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