Gonzales Affaires

GONZALES Affaires luxury lingerie created by the designer and illustrator Carmen Gonzales.
Since her debut in 2006, where she launched the most beautiful adventure of her life, Carmen Gonzales and won in 2016 the INTIMA TALENT competition. Her collections are full of beauty and elegance with a powerful touch of sensuality and eroticism. All collections Gonzales These items are designed and made in Spain in his workshop in Gran Canaria, mostly by hand, as well as in small workshops in Barcelona.
She makes it a point of using the most beautiful materials such as lace and satin from all over Europe. GONZALES Affaires also creates a exclusive for the Brigade Mondaine.

Gonzales lingerie was founded by Carmen Gonzales, it is in the Canary Islands (Spain) that Carmen makes all her models entirely by hand in her independent workshop.

Carmen started working in costume design for film and theatre at an early age after graduating in applied arts and fashion design in Hamburg, then in print illustration.

In 2006, Carmen launched her first ready-to-wear collection.

Over the years, Carmen has developed a unique and strong style, which she uses to design her collections of luxury erotic lingerie.

The influences of Fine Arts and graphic illustration are found in each collection.

Her lingerie creations are elegant, sensual with an exciting touch and entirely handmade from first-class European materials in her Gran Canaria workshop.

Carmen Gonzales has also collaborated with several well-known brands, including Aurelia Gil from Victoria Secret for the bridal collection.

Don't forget to check out the latest collection Caravasar. This inner journey is a talisman. The designer shows us with this new collection the adventure lived since her first creations in 2006. The rooms are juxtaposed to each other and offer an infinite number of possibilities. From Body & Catsuit of an impressive quality. Caravasar is a project whose designs are inspired by the female body and the energy it exudes. Treat yourself to already iconic pieces that embrace and reinforce the principles of the modern woman.

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