Top 10 bondage accessories with UPKO

Pink Ball Gag from the brand Upko x Zalo. The product is detached, the back of the product is black and the front is red. The center of the Ball Gag is shaped like a red rose. The whole is placed on a black background.

We present you the top 10 bondage accessories by our luxury parts designer, UPKO

Bondage is a sadomaso sexual practice in which one ties up his/her partner. The fact of being constrained in this way allows to reach the freedom of sensations. It is based on well established protocols, by putting in scene a dominant and a subjected.

The practice of games BDSM requires many accessories. An array of sexual objects allows to multiply the pleasure. The erotic objects, which can be used on the sex of the partner or on other parts of the body, accompany the bdsmutra.

Brigade mondaine presents the designer brand Upkoa brand offering accessories BDSM luxury, leather, for bondage, shibari or others. The spirit of the brand is upscale and also focuses on visual expression. Upko is also known for its partnerships with big names such as Zalo USA, Doll Series Bondage collection or with Touchdog, pet play collection for immersive scenarios.

Bunny Girl black and white costume from Upko available at Brigade Mondaine.

The usefulness of having bondage accessories to practice BDSM or to introduce new practices to his partner

In addition to the strings that one might imagine as the only necessity for bondageThe possibilities are endless to multiply the pleasures. 

Because the routine can take hold even within a relationship BDSM or to start exploring new and different pleasures accessories allow to keep the link and the attachment.

Bondage can be seen as a means of communication between partners and as many languages as there are, so many ways to practice it in couple or not (to be rephrased)

The accessories serve as an anchor in the practice and make it easier for novices. 

Democratizing more and more, the practice of the domination can be perceived as complicated and reserved to the experienced persons but with our various accessories, it is possible to be practiced at all the levels.

The top 10 accessories!

We propose you a top 10 of the accessories to have in your collection:

Set composed of a choker, leg cuffs and a black bondage belt of the UPKO brand, the last three elements are connected by carabiners keeping your members in your back. The black leather of each product is also equipped with nails rings and golden brass slides.

10- The black leather bondage belt

This belt is intended for the thighs and legs. It is part of a set of constraints. This Italian leather belt can be used to explore a new form of pleasure or it can be worn as a fashion accessory.

Chocker of the brand Upko black and gold. Is at the neck a necklace that is connected to the belt by a gold chain. And in the center is a gold bow.

9 – The choker bondage butterfly effect

Dress up your body with a thousand lights and increase the visual impact of desire during your intimate BDSM games. The design is very trendy and is perfect for coloring and varying your daily looks.

Upko x Touchdog bowl for pappy and puppy

8 – The puppy's bowl

Treat yourself to immersive and unforgettable role playing. Made of resin and stainless steel, the puppy's bowl is reassuring during your BDSM games.

All black leather whip whip with gold finish UPKO at Brigade Mondaine

7- The leather whip

Made of soft and smooth Italian leather, this whip is a sign of sensuality for your most intimate moments. It is sublimated by a sculpted rose as a pommel.

Red static PVC tape for BDSM UPKO bondage games at Brigade Mondaine

6 – The red bondage tape

red as the color of lust and your deepest desires. But the ribbon is also available in other colors according to your desires. It is comfortable and versatile, without sticking to your skin.

Ball gag with detachable red silicone rose, luxury bondage accessory ZALO at Brigade Mondaine

5 – The ball gag

It is made of a very original patented design in the shape of a rose. This gag consists of a 4 cm diameter ball and a 2.2 cm diameter breathing hole.

Pink, burgundy or charcoal blue wax candle with a golden rim and a central circular design. The UPKO inking is visible on the bottom of the product.

4 – The wax candle

The shape of the candle is inspired by the pillars of Greek temples.

The high quality wax prevents your skin from getting injured during use. The trickle amplifies your sensitivity without burning your skin.

Shibari rope of red color of the brand UPKO. The mannequin is wearing a 10m long rope intertwining with a 6mm diameter cord.

3 – The shibari rope

Perfect for your bondage games, these erotic nylon ropes will allow you to tie your partner in the desired position.

Crown nipple clamps in gold and black crystals with chain and UPKO pendants at Brigade Mondaine

2 – The crown breast clamps

The chains between the clamps are the trigger for your love and desire. These breast clamps can be used as restrictions and swing when the body moves.

Spanking paddle in black leather and gold finish with gold inscription UPKO at Brigade Mondaine

1 – The "Bitch" leather paddle

While one side is flat and solid, making an attractive pain and red marks like a slap; the other is padded, the force is dispersed and the pain diluted. Bitch is hot stamped on the surface of the leather.


Pink leather BDSM bondage accessory gift set with collar, leash, spanking paddle and UPKO low temperature wax candle at Brigade Mondaine

Mix your UPKO accessories and maximize your pleasure

The accessories described above can be grouped in the form of a set. The Brigade Mondaine Sets are made of erotic, bondage or BDSM best-sellers at reduced prices and ready to offer in a branded packaging.

UPKO uses leather from one of the largest suppliers in Italy, used by GIVENCHY and other high-end brands.

The metal pieces can be compared to the suitcases and bags of luxury brands. All pieces are customized and galvanized with 24 carat gold.

The creations UPKO are presented in sublime gift boxes ready to offer.

For your top 10 UPKO accessories Handmade red velvet and black leather bondage and BDSM accessories case, including drawers and UPKO code lock at Brigade Mondaine

The Sade Trunk, the must have that brings together your top 10 UPKO bondage accessories with elegance

Wrapped in imitation leather and with a red velvet lining, the case is compatible with different sizes of tools, its four bottom drawers hide all your secrets...

It will accommodate all your accessories such as whips, handcuffs and spreader bars, with an elegant and neat design.

Easy to carry, the case is as discreet as a cello case 

Built-in, easy-to-use coded lock for your privacy.

Handmade red velvet and black leather bondage and BDSM accessory case, including drawers and UPKO code lock at Brigade Mondaine

The pleasures of BDSM are accessible to all levels of experience. You have all the freedom to combine your desires as you wish and to get out of your daily life to test new flavors. You can initiate yourself to new practices to explore a new world of desire and excitement.

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