Bianco collection by Fraulein Kink

Fräulein Kink's Bianco collection, a majestic collection of pure, intense white. Each piece is versatile and offers you the possibility to complete your daytime looks or your outfits with erotic nightwear.  Handcrafted to order from white patent leather with a laser-cut pattern and featuring removable double-capped lead and white gold rivets; these bondage accessories are strong and ultra glamorous!

The Bianco collection by Fraulein Kink, inspired by the religious world, takes the themes of the latter and transforms them into erotic accessories.

If many designers are inspired by the religious universe to create pieces, Fraulein Kink is one of the brands that does it the most subtly. The brand blends the religious with the erotic by referencing it through symbols, without making its products nun costumes. Fraulein Kink's designer is inspired by adventure, lust and sexual exploration. Her new Bianco collection, along with the Nero collection and the Rosso collection, is composed of white, black and red leather pieces.

Bianco Fraulein Kink

Fraulein Kinkdo not resist the forbidden fruit

Fraulein Kink is the brand of the Berlin-based designer Miss Nicole. It is a brand of luxury accessories specializing in patent leather. Each piece can be worn in the bedroom but also accessorize a day outfit.

All products are handmade to order by the team of artisans in the Berlin workshop. These fashion accessory collections are real jewels.

The creations Fräulein Kink are delivered in beautiful gift bags and have an engraved onyx heart to prove their authenticity.

Biancofrom the Original Sin collection

Biancofrom the Original Sin collection, is the collection not to be missed. Blending the innocence of white with the purity of religion and the eroticism of naughty games, the Original Sin collection is the collection of paradoxes and opposites. 

Explore your consciousness and your subconscious by letting your spirituality and sexuality express themselves. The corsetsthe confessional mitres, the bustiers or the thongs will be able to satisfy you.

Other accessories such as maskss, the handcuffs or the necklaces as well as the leashes will be able to spice up your sexual relations and to supplement your naughty games or role plays.

How are the pieces in this collection composed?

The products Fraulein Kink are made of patent leather, Swarovski crystals and gold plated. The products are laser cut to size and assembled by hand. The products Fraulein Kink also have details cut into the leather, which make the product more refined and delicate. The craftsmen cut out details themselves with a laser, which makes each product unique. 

Do not store leather products in plastic bags as it is important that they can "breathe". We recommend that you store your leather products in a soft cloth bag in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Please never use soaps or detergents on your leather products, but rather gently wipe your item with a clean, soft cloth. If the leather is wet, do not heat dry it, but let it dry slowly in natural conditions.

Also available in red and black, with Nero and Rosso

The Original Sin collection is also available in black and red, called Nero and Rosso

This collection Nero in black will reveal your darkest tendencies and plunge you into a dark atmosphere that will radically change the innocent and pure atmosphere of the Bianco collection. 

The collection RossoFinally, the color red will bring the relationship to a higher level thanks to its bright and sensual red. The colors then play on the atmosphere and the direction that the relationship will take, while always playing on the conscious and unconscious side brought by the religious universe.

For your erotic gamesThere are many accessories available: caress and tease your partner with the Nero paddle ruler, surprise him/her with the Nero confessional mask or the Nero confessional bolster, tie him/her up with the Nero shibari rope and handcuffs, touch him/her with the Nero gloves and gag him/her with the Nero gag. 

Fall for the Bianco collection now!

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