The 5 must-have red lingerie pieces!

G-string of red color, adjustable g-string by its adjustable elastics. It is made of satin and 24 carat gold plated finishes, it is suitable for all morphology. Comes from BORDELLE from brigade mondaine

Find the 5 must-have red lingerie pieces at Brigade Mondaine right now!

The word "red" comes from rubor, ruboris, m in Latin, which can mean modesty, but also shame, confusion.

Red is therefore one of the most ambiguous and contrasting colors.

It can show love or passion, but also confusion, shame or anger, as the many French expressions demonstrate.

Therefore, in terms of lingerie, red can represent power or passion, making it a very erotic and sought after color. 

Harness of the brand ELF ZHOU LONDON Signature of red color. Elastic satin adjustable by its hooks plated 24 carat gold fits. The piece will come to sublimate your chest

The meaning of the color red in lingerie

The color red was used and instrumentalized for centuries by French royalty before spreading to the rest of the population. This was due to the price and scarcity of the red pigment, very difficult to fix on a garment.

The merchants managed to create an ochre or a pale red, but the bright red remained complicated to fix on the clothes and reserved for the best craftsmen. The red garment was therefore the symbol of the powerful and the rich.

This ideology has been transmitted since a woman wearing red can be described as a 'femme fatale', enjoying superiority and power. The representation of red lingerie is therefore the legacy of the history of this color in clothing, and helps to inspire various emotions.             

The dress Angela from Bordelle illustrates the history of red in clothing, as it can be worn as a lingerie as well as outside. This luxurious dress magnifies the curves of the wearer and is fully adjustable. The Angela dress is a good compromise between the red babydoll and the evening dress.

Red Minerva bustier by Bordelle lingerie
Red Minerva bustier by Bordelle lingerie

What emotions does red lingerie arouse?

In the collective imagination, the red lingerie contributes to the passion within the couple. Whether it is a thong, a garter belt or a bra, red rekindles the flame. The Atelier Amour's Rendez-Vous kit for example, is composed of fourteen elastics that you can assemble as you wish.

It will make you a red garter belt, or a bra if you wish. It can be combined with the open red bra Nommée Désirwhich brings the lightness of the lace, straps... to the ensemble. The open bra is the piece that brings theerotism to the couple.

 For an even sexier look, you can turn to the bra Clea from Studio Pia. This underwire bra has an open cut and a cage band that highlights the nipples. Combined with a red thong and a red garter belt, it produces a powerful and seductive effect.             

To create a more naughty atmosphere, the brand BoundUp offers bondage underwear. The red open bra allows you to create both an erotic and bondage effect that will accompany your games and your reports.

Red Gia Playsuit from the brand Couture de nuit inspired by bondage. The product is made of black velvet elastics and gold-plated sliders and rings. A multitude of crossings form the front of the product with twelve rings that trace the path of the elastic. The product attaches at the neck and also contains two back elastics placed on the middle and top of the buttocks. For the buttocks, the elastics are placed on the sides forming a tanga with a ring placed on the top of the buttocks and redistributing two small elastics.

Red lingerie, compatible with all skin tones

            Red is often considered difficult to wear, not suitable for all skin tones or attract too much attention. However, in the luxury lingerie At Brigade Mondaine, you will find the shade that will highlight your skin tone! 

            The shade of red you wear will depend mostly on the effect you want to produce. For a discreet red, a brick or burgundy red will be preferred, while a bright red will be more noticed. Nevertheless, each one must find the shade of red adapted to its skin. 

            The Lucky Cheeks jewel thongs The embroidery hides the intimate parts thanks to a floral pattern. The embroidery finely hides the intimate parts thanks to a floral pattern. This thong, because of its delicacy, will suit all complexions. 

Red lingerie set with frills consisting of a bra with openings, garter belt with frills and open panties on the buttocks with bows

Red lingerie is one of the most sought-after and most produced: classic and timeless, it suits all women and all moods. To find your style, go to the website Brigade Mondaine or on our Pinterest board Red Lingerie !

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