UPKO Accessories Bondage very high end exclusively at Brigade Mondaine for the first time in France.

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Luxury leather accessories BDSM, Bondage and Shibariof the aErotic gift sets. Upko is also known for its partnerships with big names such as Zalo USA, Doll Series Bondage collection or with Touchdog, pet play collection for immersive scenarios, sold at Brigade Mondaine.

The spirit of the brand is top-of-the-range and also focuses on visual expression.

Upko also offers BDSM furniture, bondage sets that can be combined with The Remoulded Set, restraint straps for beds in order to transform the bedroom or any other place into a chic SM space!

From intimate jewelry complete their range. New trend in erotic luxury! Let yourself be tempted by these handmade wonders of exceptional quality.

The creations UPKO are presented in sublime gift boxes ready to offer.

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