Which lingerie to choose for a woman's gift?

Red Gia Playsuit from the brand Couture de nuit inspired by bondage. The product is made of black velvet elastics and gold-plated sliders and rings. A multitude of crossings form the front of the product with twelve rings that trace the path of the elastic. The product attaches at the neck and also contains two back elastics placed on the middle and top of the buttocks. For the buttocks, the elastics are placed on the sides forming a tanga with a ring placed on the top of the buttocks and redistributing two small elastics.

Offering lingerie can be a great gift idea for a woman, but when you don't know how to do it, it can quickly turn into a disaster. But don't worry, if you want to offer original underwear without making a mistake, you're in the right place!


Before getting to the heart of the matter, some basic advice is needed to find your wife's gift.

Red Asobi bondage harness from the brand Bordelle. This product is made from elastic and small satin bows and 24 carat gold plated fasteners and adjustments. The harness is complete and is held from the neck to the buttocks. A large piece composed of a multitude of elastics is present at the level of the hips with a knot which redistributes an elastic towards the chest and the garter belts and around the groin for the bottom.

First of all, it is essential to know the size of the person you are giving the lingerie to. There's nothing more frustrating than a gift you can't enjoy. To avoid frustration, make sure you do your homework beforehand. How do you choose the right lingerie size for a woman? You have two options, you can either ask her outright (which might spoil the surprise, but at least there's no risk of getting it wrong), or you can look at her usual underwear size (If you have access to it. Don't allow yourself to go through a woman's underwear without her permission!)

Once you are sure of the size, it is very important to know your tastes in order not to be totally out of line. For that ask yourself the right questions. What type of lingerie to offer? What color lingerie to offer? Certainly, she can appreciate a daring choice that changes her usual lingerie, but you should not totally ignore her tastes and preferences. For that nothing is simpler, you just have to observe what she usually wears and the turn is played. After a quick analysis of her lingerie you should easily know what type of lingerie to give her as a gift.   

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, you can then turn your attention to the choice of the product itself. For this we have a few tips to give you, don't worry we won't leave you behind!

The sure things

You can first turn to the sure values, the great classics. With this choice, there is little chance of making a mistake, simple and effective, you are sure to please with this woman gift!

In our selection we offer you a beautiful set Hervé by Céline Marie. With this set, you'll be able to play your cards close to your chest. The bra, panties and garter belt assortment is a must-have for any lingerie fan who wants to have it in her collection. So if she doesn't have any in her closet, don't hesitate and go for the Rael set.

Equally sumptuous is this golden set from Gonzales combines beauty and efficiency. Its slight transparency on the bust gives it its refined side and we are sure that it will sublimate the curves of the recipient of the gift.

The originals, for a change

Who said lingerie was all about bras and panties? Not us, that's for sure! For the women who already have a nice collection or who simply like to vary the pleasures a little we advise you this magnificent body of the collection Sydney from Bracli. Its fine lace will be able to reveal just enough of your lady's body. In addition, a little bonus for the pragmatic, with the bodies one piece is enough.

Want more women's gift ideas? Alright, how about this Quincy dress from Crystal Eyez ? Its light transparency reveals the body in a subtle way and the shapes are accentuated by Swarovski crystals. With this piece you will surprise her for sure. If you are looking for originality and you don't want déjà vu then go for it!

Dares, a gift for 2

Finally, to spice up your evenings, opt for the role play costumes from Baed Stories. You will get out of the routine and if she likes it, it's a guaranteed crazy evening. Moreover, with the Gift RolePlay Set you will not only be giving her a gift... but also yourself. Don't hesitate any longer and try role-playing.

In plain English

The most important thing to remember is to know her size and her tastes. Is she rather classic or does she prefer originality? Is she up for role-playing? But above all, listen to yourself, if you offer her lingerie it's because you know her well, so basically you know very well what she will like.

And if even after reading this article you are still not sure of your choice, no worries, you can always offer her a good woman's gift so that she chooses herself what she prefers.

Gift Pack Brigade Mondaine composed of a black satin envelope with the inscriptions of the Brigade Mondaine in gold. This envelope is useful to wrap the product. The pack also includes a personalized card and a Brigade Mondaine choker with its gift bag. Ideal for a woman gift

Don't forget to add the Gift Packaging of luxury to your order! A silk satin pouch to store or carry fine lingerie, a handmade Limited Edition gold-plated necklace to hang the Brigade Mondaine around your neck, and a customizable The Naughty Notary card created in partnership with Brigade Mondaine.

So now there's no excuse not to make nice gifts, go to our site and warm up the credit card to please her!

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