Baed Stories : Journey through the ages

The Play GEISHA Role Costume features an open harness bra with beautiful fishnet kimono sleeves and real feather embellishment and open pantiesThe Play EMPRESS Role Costume features playful ruffles and elegant chains adorning the bondage bra, garter belt, panties, and a choker with voile scarf.

Travel the world and the ages with the three new costumes

Show the strength of the woman with the Geisha, Empress and Cleopatra costumes.

Geisha costume from Baed Stories. This costume has a bra that does not contain a cup but a black piece placed at the waist and feathers in a cameo of green and black sewn on the neckline and up to the shoulders. It is also equipped with kimono sleeves in mesh illusion transparency. For the bottom, a small black bandage panty is decorated with black feathers on the hips.

Wear the colors of the iconic Japanese woman! Artist and lady-in-waiting, the Geisha costume can immerse you in this universe.

Travel to the heart of Kyoto in Japan with this set. Show off your body and give your partner a unique experience!

Empress costume from Baed Stories. This costume features a bandage bra with frills on the neckline and a ring on the chest that connects to the belt on the hips. Chains with frills decorate the whole at the level of the thigh and the hips. A necklace in gold-coloured chains reminds the chains placed on the bra cup. For the bottom, it is a tanga bandage.

Strength, glory and power, become Empress for a night! Seduce your partner with this pretty open set and give your partner various accesses!

The elastic and the frills will make your body a majestic work. Accompanied by its necklace, the different pieces of this set will sublimate your body and emphasize your power!

Rule like Cleopatra under the Egyptian sun!

Cleopatra costume from Baed Stories. This costume features a bandage bra with sliding sleeves. A belt with a long black transparent piece hides the private parts. Multiple lacings are connected to this belt and wrap the legs.

Queen of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra has become a female icon of Egypt. A historical figure represented in art and culture, Cleopatra is a strong woman of character. Play as Cleopatra with this new Baed Stories costume.

The set, composed of a very open bra and a bottom made of elastics, will highlight your shape and your curves. The sleeves and the minimalist skirt will remind you of the heat of the Middle East!

Let yourself be carried through the ages and succumb to the new sets!

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