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Scarlett Playsuits from the Couture de nuit brand inspired by bondage. The product is made of black velvet elastics and gold-plated sliders and rings. A central ring is placed at the navel and includes the eight elastics placed on either side of the hips and two others extending from the neck, to the hollow of the breasts and up to this ring. The product attaches to the neck leaving the back and thighs bare.

Will you succumb to the temptation of our open lingerie?

Dare to be different to seduce your partner...

The Brigade Mondaine reveals all its little secrets to make you feel confident. This range will make you see all the colors by the generosity of its products and its singularity.

Why should you dare to wear open lingerie?

Lingerie open and sexy Guet Apens black lace backless bodysuit by Atelier Amour

Where to start? There's so much to talk about! To start, really determine what will please you. For beginners, there's no need to rush, start with the most classic, the slit panty. The split panty has always been in style. Did you know that? It was even the norm in the 19th century to wear them! Covered with a wool petticoat in the cold season and topped with a cotton crinoline in the summer, the open panty is a great classic that should not be abandoned.

Day or night, slit panties are first and foremost a way to please yourself. Feel more desirable, reveal your buttocks and go for it with the brand Atelier Amour. Succumb to these black and transparent floral lace panties that can be fully unzipped thanks to small golden hooks, so you won't lack imagination during your love games. Give yourself a smooth start with the Guet Apens panties that open and close as you wish. Atelier Amour offers multiple open panties with slits on the front, back or decorated with fine lace.

Adopt a more daring style with the Bordelle brand whose open panties are made only from premium quality satin elastic. Seduction and audacity will be the order of the day with these sexy open panties.

For the more daring, embrace freedom and succumb to the charm of the thong. Lucky Cheeks offers you a choice of jewel thongs that will leave you speechless. These creations are real gems that combine chic with sophistication.

Black BODY in lace and real pearls from Majorca, neckline up to the middle of the belly by BRACLI collection GENEVA at BRIGADE MONDAINE

Want a little more? Stand out completely from traditional lingerie with the choice of sexy and satisfying open lingerie... Bracli products have the characteristic of directly stimulating the woman's genital region, namely the G-spot, with their iconic pearl thread. Bracli provokes and stimulates your imagination, your nights will be spicy whether it is with their thong, their sexy open panties, their lace bodysuit or their body string all with stimulating beads.

Make your open lingerie a fashion statement!

Who says lingerie has to be secretly hidden under your clothes? Your night dressing room can also help you find the best outfit! Indulge yourself with one of our many lace bodysuits and add a fashionable piece to it. Take example on the brand Ow Intimate with their large range of bodysuit woman. Let yourself be tempted by the Lily black lace bodysuit, match it with a light blouse or an oversized blazer jacket or even a trench coat.

The exposed lingerie trend is working like a charm, so show off your best pieces. It's up to you, let a bit of lace show through or completely reveal your lingerie by wearing a simple long-sleeved bodysuit. Either way, you'll be irresistible...

There is only one little rule: Be careful with the colours! Favour the lingerie bodysuit with rather nude or pastel tones to be in perfect adequacy with a rather casual look. If you are more liberated, really dare with color. The Dora Larsen brand reconciles comfort and elegance, originality and sensuality for a top look and a sublimated figure. Try their Rusa halter bodysuit in acid colours and with a naughty cut! Try it and you'll love it.

For more character, add a touch of rock to your outfit with our bondage harnesses. You will have a double use: at night to create your most beautiful memories and during the day to proudly claim your femininity. Mia Atelier will give you good inspirations with its creations that we could qualify as BDSM harnesses while they will only make your outfits even more elegant, chic and divinely feminine. Again, an XXL blouse or a little white sheer shirt will do the trick. If you want to keep some of him for the rest of the day, steal his blazer and add one of our bondage harnesses, just slip on some high-waisted jeans, a pair of sneakers and you'll be on trend at the office!

If you're more of a secret by day and extravagant by night then our catsuits and playsuits are for you. Let your beauty shine through with our sublime playsuits from the Couture de Nuit brand. These creations are elaborated and handmade in Barcelona, with velvet elastics of infinite softness. The contrast between the touch of the skin and the velvet is balanced and invites you to caress. Moreover, their numerous adjustments will allow you to sublimate your forms to your convenience. Beware, to try these marvels is to be unable to do without them...

Playsuit Scarlett Black of the brand Couture de nuit. It is composed of adjustable velvet elastics, several elastics come to surround the waist and the pelvis, the breasts are released and the maintenance is done of the neck to the navel.

Finally, become the Dancing Queen of the night with our brand new catsuit completely encrusted with Swarovski crystals from the Crystal Eyez brand. All encrusted by hand, this piece of goldsmithery will make you a true jewel. Don't be afraid to be extravagant, you just want to shine in her eyes, literally and figuratively. Adopt a feline look with the Phoenix jumpsuit that will sublimate your curves. This open lingerie makes you envy admit it!

In a nutshell...

The only thing to remember with open lingerie is that you have to dare! Whatever your choice, reveal your femininity with pride. Free yourself from all rules and take pleasure. By starting with a simple slit panty, you will end up taking confidence and discovering yourself completely. Go for it, open lingerie is waiting for you!

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