Cymatic Bordelle Lingerie Collection SS23

Bordelle presents the SS23 collection. In this season inspired by sound, Cymatic is the brand's representation in embroidery

Cymatic collection signed Bordelle

The delicate and unique embroidery illustrates the Cymatic image of the word "Bordelle" spoken into a microphone, using a Cymascope to create the designs.

Embroidered on a nude recycled tulle base, the collection comes in classic black, seductive burnt red and elegant sage.

The new 24-karat gold-plated link component connects to the delicate satin-finished elastic band and adds an opulent double-ring effect, emphasizing the luxurious bondage aesthetic.

With a refined selection of styles that showcase intricate embroidery, the Cymatic line is both feminine and opulent.

The emblematic piece of this new collection is certainly the Bustier braa piece of luxury lingerie that resonates as the DNA of the brand Bordelle.

Bordelle, luxury erotic lingerie

Bordelle combines design and luxury with attention to detail and quality in women's products. Designed to evoke desire, the Bordelle experience is based on the feeling of power and potency that the pieces give you.

The brand wants to combine sensuality and ready-to-wear with very elaborate silhouettes and materials such as satin, 24-carat gold and other noble textiles. The signature collections of Bordelle are odes to freedom and desire.

The lingerie sets are in a style bondageThe brand's iconic footprint comes in a variety of colors: red, black, caramel and cream. Bordelle is the first brand of a to include in its products adjustments that allow to adapt each article to its morphology. This innovation allows Bordelle to offer a wide range of sizes and customizable products. Bordelle guarantees bold, handmade pieces. Bordelle is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of its products to fight against the fast fashion culture.

Bordelle's designer, Alexandra Popa, takes her vision beyond anything that has been done before and prides herself on constantly bringing innovation to her designs. She is the originator of a unique and unconventional sizing system in the luxury lingerie industry. 

We advise you to accompany your designer lingerie with other instruments of pleasure .

Our favorite ❤️ 

Cymatic Plunge Bra from the collection Bordelle SS23 "The Beauty of Sound".

The iconic piece of this new collection is definitely the Bustier Bra, a luxury lingerie piece that resonates as the DNA of the Bordelle London brand.

The Burnt Red or Sage Plunge Bra is an emblematic piece of this very erotic lingerie collection Cymatic.

The exclusive lace, custom-made and handcrafted for the English brand, wraps the bust like a jewel. Lingerie becomes a jewel box... Secured by a 24-karat gold-plated zipper, the fully adjustable satin elastic strapping creates a cage-like design at the back. Adjustment on the double straps at the front and back makes the piece most adaptable to the female morphology.

This plunge bra features soft, angled underwire cups that provide the perfect support you need while allowing your breasts to be highlighted for a very sexy effect. Plunge bras create a sexy, deep neckline in a natural way. This model works well under low-cut tops and dresses because of its low neckline.

Bordelle Satin Bondage Lingerie
Bordelle Satin Bondage Lingerie

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