UPKO, luxury bondage accessories

UPKO Bondage Accessories

UPKO The accessories Bondage very high quality exclusively at Brigade Mondaine for the first time in France.

UPKO home accessory case

Luxury leather accessories BDSM, Bondage and Shibariof the aerotic gift boxes. Upko is also known for its partnerships with big names such as Zalo USA, Doll Series Bondage collection or with Touchdog, pet play collection for immersive scenarios, sold at Brigade Mondaine.

Do you want quality products that combine luxury and beauty? UPKO has done it! Upko erotic accessories are real jewels; a range with a luxurious and feminine spirit.

From intimate jewelry complete their range. New trend in erotic luxury! Let yourself be tempted by these handmade wonders of exceptional quality.

Creations and accessories UPKO are presented in sublime gift boxes ready to offer.

Discover our favorites :

UPKO with beaded accessories

UPKO pearl wristband
UPKO pearl bracelet seen from behind
UPKO handcuffs beads ankle beads

Handcuffs bracelets BDSM accessories "Moist Eyes

Implying sincerity and kindness, the large artificial pearls of the Bracelets Moist Eyes" BDSM handcuffs are crafted with exquisite techniques. A triangular elastic loop is designed to connect the necklace and bracelet to allow for versatile clothing combinations. Both bracelets can be hung by the triangular elastic loop.

Wear them on both hands and lock them in. Wear them with your partner and never separate again.

Two chains are designed to connect the anklet to the beaded necklace, bracelets and metal hook for exciting play. The two anklets can be hung by the triangular elastic loop at the end.

Bracelets of ankle, Leave and Necklace "Moist Eyes" are sold separately. Intimate jewelry Upko are delivered in a beautiful hot-stamped and laser-cut box, which ensures an elegant and perfect gift for special occasions.

UPKO x Brigade Mondaine - Your name accessories

Fuck me collab with Brigade Mondaine

UPKO X SOCIALITE BRIGADEExclusive collection realized in limited edition, artistic collaboration around BDSM, a bondage and luxurious series of handcuffs, chokers and key ring snap hook.

FUCK ME box set,  hang your membership around your neck with this choker necklace O. Each letter is plated with 24 karat gold and encrusted with a crystal, making it more brilliant....

A necklace that can be used for sex games as well as for everyday wear with a classic outfit. Comfortable and strong, this fully adjustable piece is very easy to wear.

Length: 43 cm - Width: 1.5 cm

Diameter of the collar: 32 cm to 37 cm

UPKO uses leather from one of the largest suppliers in Italy, used by GIVENCHY and other high-end brands. The metal parts can be compared to the suitcases and bags of luxury brands. All pieces are customized and galvanized with 24 carat gold. The creations UPKO are presented in sublime gift boxes and velvet bags, ready to offer.

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Discover the other necklaces of the collection here!

The UPKO accessory straps

Discover the UPKO restraint system for adult sexual harnessexclusive limited edition collection around BDSM

A tamed wild game, a full gallop in the unlimited, a strong interaction between players. This high end sexual harness UPKO is lightweight, portable and ready to use!

Fulfill your fantasies through various scenarios: daily discipline, role playing and experimental sex. Try a new sexual experience through different gestures: lying down, sitting, kneeling or standing.

Use it with the following objects:

  1. Feather Tickler
    Tickle and tease your helpless partner until you hear him or her beg for it.
  2. Wax candle
    Drip wax on his still body.
  3. Paddle/Cravache
    Spank the one who deserves a good punishment.
  4. Anal plug
    Open legs your partner has no way to fight against it.

Maximum comfort and ergonomic stability, a true extension of the body for the dominant.
Live your sexuality to the fullest, without complexes or taboos with the wildest and most unbridled postures...

The front has a connecting buckle and the back is X-shaped, the harness does not slip. The front width and back length can be adjusted, the harness fits all body types. The sling flows smoothly and unrestrictedly with a comfortable balance of force.

The stress straps BDSM Brigade Mondaine are made of high quality alloy and ripstop nylon. Strong and resistant, black and gold, these bondage straps are easy to use and can be quickly stored in their carrying bag (included).

The metal parts can be compared to the suitcases and bags of luxury brands. All parts are customized and galvanized.

Creations and accessories Upko are delivered in beautiful hot-stamped and laser-cut boxes, which ensure an elegant and perfect gift for special occasions.

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