Nero Fraulein Kink

Fräulein Kink offers you its iconic pieces with the Nero collection and its emblematic black.

This collection opens up the possibilities of bondage with couture accessories that you won't see anywhere else. The delicacy common to all her creations bondageThis is why these boudoir accessories are free of any form of vulgarity.

The union of the luxury and fetish is a precious alloy and we know you will love it. All of these instruments of pleasure were made entirely by hand, with noble materials in the workshop of the designer Miss Nicole in Berlin, Germany. 

Fräulein Kink returns to the Brigade Mondaine with new collections!


Discover the iconic Nero line and its deep black emblematic present on all the couture pieces of this range. These pieces are entirely handmade and made to order in Berlin, in the brand's workshops, from laser-cut black patent leather and red gold rivets.

Know-how and craftsmanship are at the rendezvous with the brand Fraulein Kink. Real little jewels are gathered in this collection to make these wonders, real lingerie accessories that will soon become indispensable to you. 

Fetish and luxury come together in one collection to fan the flame of pleasure within you. Much more than just bondage & BDSM accessoriesThe lace of Fraulein Kink will leave you speechless. Handcuffs, Corset, Mitre, Paddle, Gag, Bondage set : you have the choice ! And if you don't know how to choose your future favorite accessories, come and read our associated blogs or discover the other collections of the brand.

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