BoundUp, a new way to play...

Drawing of a woman on her knees. She is tied in the back. She is wearing an open bra with beads and panties whose ends have a fabric tied in a knot.

With BoundUpBewitch your partner by offering him the most beautiful thing there is: YOU!

Erotic red open bra from the brand BoundUp. We see a woman wearing red lingerie including a red open bra with lace-inspired stitching. She is also wearing gold nipple covers. She wears a gold chocker style necklace. Between her legs she has a drawing of a woman with her hands tied with red fabric and wearing black panties. The woman is sitting on what appears to be a gold throne. She has her head tilted back.

The ideal lingerie to spend pleasant warm evenings. BoundUp will not leave anyone indifferent...

Corset when your desire come true from the brand BoundUp. It is a purple box with golden drawings on the bottom. The inside of the box is red; on the lid there is the logo of the brand BoundUp.
Corset when your desire come true from the brand BoundUp. We see several women wearing an open support on the breasts. On the different pictures we see that the women have a fabric that ties their hands behind their back. Above the panties there is a beaded belt to which is connected a fabric attached to her calves or ankles.
Bra Halter Lady in red of the brand BoundUp. It is a drawing of a woman whose hands are tied in the back by a large red fabric in the form of a bow. She wears a black panty and an open bra with black beads. She is from behind and her head is slightly tilted back.

With the help of small cards provided in a luxurious packaging, you can let your creativity run free.

Have fun in complete safety by following its visuals. It's up to you to decide, are you wild or sensual tonight?

Black Erotic open bra from BoundUp. We see a woman wearing red lingerie including a black open bra with lace-inspired stitching with white beads on the contour. She is also wearing black nipple covers. The woman is lying on a wooden table and around her are arranged a black lace mask, an upside down champagne glass and a pearl necklace.

All these pieces of lingerie have ties to tie as you wish to let your creativity speak for itself during your intimate moments...

How to use BoundUp products

Choker Princesa Silk and 14k Gold Black from the brand BoundUp. The model wears it around her neck and the bow at the back of the choker has long bands that bind her hands behind her back. She is wearing a skirt in a silk-like material and is from the back.

Choice 1:

Wear the Choker Queen simply with the neckband on the back of your neck and the ties hanging down to give your partner the opportunity to get close to you in an instant.

Choice 2:

Give your other half the opportunity to handcuff your hands with silk ribbons and play with this accessory as shown in this photo.

Choice 3:

For more intensity, wrap both your arms and forearms before being handcuffed. The leather choker then shackles your entire upper body to make it easier to let go...

Discover BoundUp now!

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