Take the lead with Baed Stories! 

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Erotic games, a way to avoid routine... 

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Erotic games, a way to avoid routine with BaedStories! 

Are you tired of routine? Offer your partner some naughty games to liven up your evenings! 

Be creative and take the lead!

It's up to you to choose what type of games you want to launch, dare to assume your desires: naughty board games, bondage games, games with sex toys, role playing games! 

On the Brigade Mondaine website you will find a set of articles that offers new ways to play. 

Baed Stories, roleplay costumes to spice up your sex life! 

You are a woman and you feel that you need to innovate in bed? 

We advise you to take the lead with Bead Stories lingerie for role-playing. 

This brand offers roleplay costumes for adults, roleplay lingerie that will allow you to spice up your sexual routine.

All costumes are made of quality materials, combined with an exclusive design to combine comfort and fun. 

Baed Stories Empress suit with nippies, harness with open bra, suspender belt and chocker

Reveal your sexual potential and liberate the woman in you! 

BeadStories has imagined for you ladies a collection of unique costumes. 

Who do you want to be tonight? Create your own scenario, take the power and reinvent yourself to surprise your partner. Assert your confidence, reveal your sexual potential and unleash your inner woman. 

Tonight you are a superhero, weave your web and capture the one you want most violently with the Spider Lady role play costumeThis costume includes a black underwired bra and garter belt, and a mask. This costume will allow you to enter the powerful and strong role of the superheroine and will give you confidence. 

Another sexual and sensual idea, take the power and give orders with the costume role play Cleopatra or the costume role play Empress

Become a professional rider with the lingerie set for riders which includes a corset, high-waisted lace-up panties, an elegant ruffle and two leg garters. Enough to drive your partner crazy. 

Be bold and opt for the body harness Night of revelationsA set with feathers on the shoulders and hips that emphasize the seductive curves of the body. 

We also offer you the Golden power ensemble from the army collection, a panty, a belt and a bra. 

Honour the power of women and be part of the great army of confident, free and determined women! 

The Police Woman lingerie set in stretch silk and mesh, includes an underwired bra and a strapless skirt.

A sensual and unique adventure

Role-playing games are a way to find your true temperament and awaken your sexual energy. But not only that, role-playing games will allow you to live sensual and unique adventures! 

Be creative and inventive, create your own universe and immerse your partner in it, surprise him and realize his wildest fantasy! He will be amazed by your confidence, your originality and your inventiveness! 

Role-playing also allows you to inject some mystery into your relationship, who is this woman in front of me? A new personality that your spouse will be eager to discover during the disguised evenings! 

Get into the skin of a movie heroine, a great Empress of Egypt, a military woman or a sexy horsewoman! 

Role-playing games and the Bead Stories brand no longer hold any secrets for you! 

It's up to you to choose which scenario you're going to put your couple in! 

Feel free to use your imagination for even more sexual and erotic ideas, create your own remedies to your sexual routine! 

A wide selection accessories and erotic games! 

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