Bæd Stories Roleplay Costumes

Bæd Stories as, of the roleplay costumes for adults, roleplay lingerie, stories not always very wise to spice up your evenings ... Roleplay costumes Bæd Stories very sexy to immerse yourself in a sensual and unique adventure. Role-playing sets that you can't hide anymore and that you assume! A way to find your true temperament and awaken your sexual energy. All disguises are made from quality materials, combined with an exclusive design to combine comfort and pleasure.
Who will you serve tonight? Sexy Maid|| A lover victim of VIDOC? Sexy Nurse| Are you ready for the original sin? Black Angel|| Or are you as pious as they say you are? The Religious|| Unless you want to get laid? The stewardess| Army or Air Force? Golden Force or Golden Power| Cop or stripper
So who are you playing tonight? :-)


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Brigade Mondaine present Baed storiesa brand that offers roleplay costumes unique and sexy! Become a different person, take the lead with Baed StoriesSpice up your sex life and surprise your partner!

Who has never dreamed of a Baed Stories costume for his erotic games? 

Become a woman of power with the collection Savage Power, Golden Army and Super Heroes

Baed Stories products are made from quality materials, combined with exclusive and original designs to combine comfort and sensuality. 

So who will you be playing tonight? 


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