Baed Stories, 3 iconic catsuits...

Baed stories, sexy Catsuit

Baed stories, discover their 3 catsuit to have absolutely!

Techno Bunny from Baed stories, with gloves and Headband.

Erotic games, a way to avoid the routine with Baed Stories

Are you tired of routine? Offer your partner some naughty games to liven up your evenings! 

Be creative and take the lead!

It's up to you to choose what type of games you want to launch, dare to assume your desires: naughty board games, bondage games, games with sex toys, role playing games! 

On the Brigade Mondaine website you will find a set of articles that offers new ways to play. 

Baed Stories, game of role play

Creator of lingerie role-playing games, Baed Stories is there to allow people to transform themselves and play by their own rules.

Her goal? Familiarity with the "monotonous" role-playing lingerie, the wearing of which hardly makes a person confident and desired. The designers of the brand have taken into account all the wishes of people and have created playful images of high quality and aesthetic represented in a wide size guide. The lingerie adapts to every figure, accentuates its special qualities and hides possible lack of perfection.

3 iconic pieces : Catsuit

History of parties...

Public, provocative, aesthetic. 

This "Party ... stories" collection consists of 3 designs, using a minimalist mesh catsuit with various additional decorations and accessories, will immediately transform the daily routine into party anticipation. The provocative nature of the outfits can be modified with the various other clothes, shoes and accessories. Now you can be a "baed girl" out of the house! (find an attached document with a full description of the set)

Retro Mouse

The combination of retro chic and modern design will not leave anyone disappointed.

Catsuit mesh silhouette with voluminous collar, sleeves and flared legs figured. In addition, the image can be completed with playful mouse ears and a frame belt with a ring.

Techno Bunny from Baed stories, with gloves and Headband.

Techno Bunny

Black zippered mesh catsuit with an open back covered with bangs and wide legs from the hips. The main feature of the catsuit is the fringe decoration, which makes the movements spectacular.

You can also complete the look with accessories such as bunny ears and/or high fringe gloves.

Kitty Pop

The Transformer catsuit with removable leggings is a 2 in 1. You can choose a short bodysuit or an eye-catching full length catsuit.

The look is made of stretch silk and mesh, with a zippered underwire bust. The set can also be completed with the cat ears accessory.

Feel free to use your imagination for even more sexual and erotic ideas, create your own remedies to your sexual routine! 

A wide selection accessories and erotic games! 

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