Christmas Lingerie

Nothing is too good for my Belle!

Looking for a Christmas present ? Giving lingerie for Christmas can be a great gift idea for a woman, but when you don't know how to do it, it can turn into a disaster. But don't worry, if you want to offer original underwear without making a mistake, you're in the right place! The most beautiful and original Christmas gifts are here!


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You don't have any more ideas to satisfy your sweetheart? Brigade Mondaine won't stop surprising you in terms of gift ideas for women!

How to find the right size for a gift of lingerie?

The first step is to determine your partner's size. Once you are sure, it is very important to know his taste. For that ask yourself the right questions. What type of lingerie to offer? What color? For which occasion? A Christmas gift for a woman? Or rather a gift idea for a woman's birthday? We know how hard it is to find the perfect gift for your girlfriend, let our selection of gifts for women inspire you.

The sure things

Who said that Christmas lingerie was all about bras and panties? Not us, that's for sure! For women who already have a nice collection or who simply like to vary the pleasures a little we advise you the collection Sydney from Bracli. Its fine lace will reveal just enough of your lady's body. In addition, a little bonus for pragmatists, with the one-piece bodysuits is enough, for a sexy Christmas outfit.

Any ideas?

Who says Christmas and holidays, says Bracli. The collection Manhattan is available now, for a bright and sparkling Christmas gift thanks to a high end lurex lace. The high waist thong is definitely the sexiest piece of this collection... In addition to the stimulating effect of the beads on the erogenous zone, this model is perfect for stimulation during penetration, with its double collar. The row of pearls, signature of Bracli will offer you unique sensations.

The unavoidable range Signature from Bordelle is a sure bet, and is sure to make an impact. The combination of satin elastic bands and a variety of fabrics to create iconic pieces highlighting a sensuality "SM luxury". Also discover this winter the collections Selene Bordelle SS22 and Dala Bordelle SS22. They represent the contrast of day and night, clouds and stars, and would make the perfect Christmas gift. Named The Giftthis red set by Baed Stories includes an underwire bra that supports the bust nicely, garter belts with a big decorative bow and a small open panty drawing a heart on the hips. The set is made in a fiery red from mesh and smooth satin fabric.

The gift tonight will be you! Who will unwrap you in a romantic atmosphere? It will be perfect under the tree, and will allow you to unwrap two gifts at once...

The most important thing to remember is to know her size and her tastes. Is she rather classic or does she prefer originality? Is she up for role-playing? But above all, listen to yourself, if you offer her lingerie it's because you know her well, so deep down you know very well what she will like. And if even after reading this article you are still not sure of your choice, no worries, you can always offer her a good woman's gift so that she chooses herself what she prefers.

Gift wrapping

Don't forget to add the Gift Packaging of luxury to your order! A silk satin pouch to store or carry fine lingerie, a handmade Limited Edition gold-plated necklace to hang the Brigade Mondaine around your neck, and a customizable The Naughty Notary card created in partnership with the Brigade Mondaine. We all know that a personalized gift for women is always a good choice. Get out your best pen and declare your love for her. This women's gift set will bring a little magic to the opening of the gift!

So now there are no more excuses for not making nice Christmas gifts!

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