Succumb to our selection of panties! The panties are a key piece and necessary to your sexy lingerie set. This small piece will sublimate your forms and emphasize your buttocks. Brigade Mondaine has selected for you the best international designers to offer you a selection of luxury lingerie with attention to detail and beauty. Unique designers for unique styles in luxury lingerie.

Panties for all tastes will be available, like the knickers, open pants, garter belt pantiesor string and shortys.
Discover our culottes from our luxury lingerie designers Bordelle, Atelier Amour, Braclior Lucky Cheeks and Lickstarter !

Panties at Brigade Mondaine

Whether it is leather, silk, satin or lace, you will be able to find the panties that will make you happy. The panties selected by Brigade Mondaine are pretty panties both sexy and comfy. Do not wait any more!

Bring some softness with the black lace and satin panties from the collection Overnight in Brodway from our creator Atelier Amour.

Do you prefer to go for a more savage side?

So go for the silk panties Wild from House Cadolle ! If you're into frilly panties, Atelier Amour will never cease to delight you! Discover the tanga panties Plumetis Chéri mixing frills and black polka dots. Do not hesitate to succumb to our designers such as Bordelle, Zhilyova, Lickstarter

What are panties?

The panty was originally a piece of clothing in which the two legs are separated. Initially used by men, panties have now become an essential piece of lingerie for women. The panties are often made up of a "pocket" protecting the female mucous membranes from bacteria and rubbing. Panties have many names, shapes, styles and materials.

What are the types of panties?

We can distinguish four different types of panties: The classic panty, is usually intended to provide a reassuring and comfortable side. Scalloped panties are panties that are cut out of certain parts. It is a type of panties that can be declined in three forms for three different reasons: notched on the sides, such as the panties Apens Watch to open aAtelier Amouror low-cut on the front, such as the panties, that allow to reduce the presence of your hips Geisha in red silk with ribbon of the house CadolleThis one will allow to lengthen your legs. If not, it can be cut at the level of the buttocks, like the black panties Zhilyova Paris my loveThis allows you to add volume to your buttocks and thus enhance them! The support panty is also called sheathing panty, it allows to concentrate the support on the necessary area. The low-rise panty allows to reveal your skin in particular at the level of the bottom of the belly and the top of the buttocks.

Which materials for panties?

Panties are very often known to be made of cotton to bring the most comfort possible. However, Brigade Mondaine offers you the possibility to discover beautiful panties that are both sexy and comfy. Our different designers offer you unique panties. Whether it is in elastic, fishnet, silk or leather, Brigade Mondaine gathers for you a selection of panties, among which you will find without any doubt your happiness.

Some ideas for panties:

Are you an animal lover and want to show it to your partner? Discover the collection of panties Lickstarter ! Want to send subliminal messages? Zhilyova accompanies you and offers you the red panties Do you want to sleep with me?This stretch fishnet panty will make your partner fall in love with you so the answer is YES! Why not mix sport and beauty with our panties Sporty from our creator Flash You and Me. If you want to stay in the basics of luxury panties, both sexy and elegant, available in Black, Red and CaramelWe offer you the Tomoe Harness Pants from our designer Bordelle.

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