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Founded in 1889 by the creator of the braHerminie Cadolle, the House... Cadolle is a French company whose history is entirely dedicated to luxury lingerie.

For almost 130 years, Cadolle lingerie has remained a family business inherited from mothers to daughters. Each leader of the House brings her stone to the building of this temple of femininity.

Each creation is made in the Cadolle shop, rue Cambon at Paris.


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Cadolle, a Parisian luxury story...

The history of the house Cadolle is worthy of a modern girl's tale and has been for more than 120 years...Crossing 6 generations of talented and ambitious women. We can talk about family tradition...
Herminie Cadolle created Cadolle lingerieat Paris in 1889, during the "Belle Epoque" and freed women's bodies from the corset with his revolutionary invention: the bra !
Herminie Cadolle registered the patent of the "corselet-gorge" the same year and started to make bras for women of the world, queens, actresses, singers or dancers...
Herminie Cadolle goes further by using modern materials reserved until now for ready-to-wear, she introduces elastic materials in lingerie for even more comfort.
In 1949, Cadole won the Oscar International de la Mode award. "Neiman Marcus" the most laudatory fashion award in the USA.
As you will have understood, Cadole is more than a lingerie brand but a real family institution in charge of a vintage tradition in the modern world.
In 1949, Cadolle won the "Neiman Marcus" International Fashion Oscar, the most prestigious fashion award in the United States. Cadolle's commitment to innovation and high standards continues to be honoured with awards and recognition. Today more than ever, entering Cadolle is like entering a world apart.
Today, the 6th generation runs the Cadole house on rue Cambon. They are Poupie Cadolle and her daughter Patricia, guarantor of the manufacturing secrets of this prestigious house.

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