Crack for Bracli black, white, red or blue lingerie and its collections : SYDNEY, GENEVA, BRACLI&GLONDON, KYOTO and VIENNA, Sky Paris, Dark Paris, Manhattan
Bracli stands out from the a traditional lingerie, because, in addition to being undergarments and accessoriesThe Bracli creations have the characteristic of directly stimulating the female genital area, the G spot. Bracli G spot provokes and stimulates your imagination; your nights will be prickly! Whether you are a thong, G-string, panties high, beaded bra, bodysuit, babydoll, accessories, matching set...
It's the perfect gift idea for Valentine's Day and the holidays!
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Luis Alvarez creates, in 1996, a garment female  intimate with effects of stimulation sexual. The design of Bracli meets luxury and intimacy with jewelry and sumptuous lingerie.

The lingerie brand Bracli represents not only the first string in pearl but is also the name associated with the original design, combining lingerie and jewelry. The beads are an emblematic element at Bracli. Each of the pieces offered by Bracli has been created with the intention of arousing curiosity by their bold and luxurious character.

If there is a good definition of the word "gift", Bracli fulfills it in all its forms. It is the gift that you will be given, the gift that you will give and the gift that you will give to yourself.

Bracli provokes and stimulates your imagination because it stands out from the a traditional. In addition to being underwear and accessoriesThe Bracli creations have the characteristic to stimulate directly the genital area of the woman, the G point.

Sky Paris
Dark Sky Paris

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