Lingerie & Playsuits Harnesses

Lingerie slings, or playsuits, are more than a web of elastic. First, the elastic is carefully chosen to be the most comfortable on your skin. Then, each piece of elastic is put together, to beautify your body, and enhance your shape. Everyone should feel good in these exceptional pieces, and that's why each piece is as adjustable as possible, but also why we are here to help you if you are unsure! The elastic elements fit, and sit gently on the skin, to fit a maximum of body types. Adjust your harness, and let it embellish your curves, and dazzle anyone who is lucky enough to catch you in it.
You'll feel like it was made for you.


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Want to spice up your naughty games or your daytime outfit? Lingerie harnesses and playsuits will be your best friends! If the bodys can be worn as a daytime piece, harnesses are also at home over a daytime outfit.

Whether it's a leather, elastic or even a plastic harness stringsIt will make an impact. The harness can be used to complete an outfit or to participate in your relationships. The bondage harness They are used to restrain you and limit your freedom of movement. Elastic harnesses enhance the curves of the female body and emphasize its delicacy and elegance. This is the case of our designers' harnesses Couture de Nuit and ELF Zhou London. Don't wait any longer to discover them and offer you these harnesses!

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