Lingerie & Playsuits Harnesses

Lingerie slings, or playsuits, are more than a web of elastic. First, the elastic is carefully chosen to be the most comfortable on your skin. Then, each piece of elastic is put together, to beautify your body, and enhance your shape. Everyone should feel good in these exceptional pieces, and that's why each piece is as adjustable as possible, but also why we are here to help you if you are unsure! The elastic elements fit, and sit gently on the skin, to fit a maximum of body types. Adjust your harness, and let it embellish your curves, and dazzle anyone who is lucky enough to catch you in it.
You'll feel like it was made for you.

Lingerie harnesses are the first choice in terms of bondage lingerie or bdsm lingerie. Take the game to the next level, dominant or submissive, you will be irresistible every time. Each piece, fitted perfectly with straps, will expose the most intimate parts of your body, and make the atmosphere more sensual than ever! The playsuits, made of elastic, they can be both harnesses to wear on your clothes, as accessories, but will also be incredible in a more private setting, on sexy lingerie, or on your skin...

If you're more interested in playsuit, Couture de Nuit, Flash You and Meor The Model Traitor will be there to satisfy all your desires!

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