Homewear, Babydolls & Kimonos

Throughout the years and the seasons, the a night has settled into our lives and our cozy evenings. Pleasant, comfortable, beautiful and of great finesse, Brigade Mondaine offers you a range of products from the best designers in the world.

Working with the softest and most pleasant materials discover our kimonos, our babydolls and our sexy pyjama sets; Atelier amour offers us the Nuit à Brodway set. Night Pants and Satin Top ! Or a sexy black babydoll BracliSydney collection with beautiful pearls around the neck. Add to all these homewear suggestions, a long kimono Lion of Flash You And Me. Don't hesitate any longer and find the Homewear lingerie that suits you!

What's a nightie? 

The babydoll is a feminine nightwear whose shape is a dress with thin straps. It is often made of a light and supple fabric, so that you feel free, fresh and sexy! Formerly associated with pin-up girls, in the 50s, the babydoll has now become a very popular garment and present in all women's wardrobes. It is a piece of a leaving all your shapes and curves exposed.

What's a kimono? 

The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. It is a large piece of clothing that can be worn by both men and women. The kimono is considered a luxury item because it is often made from noble materials. What could be better than settling at home in a small set that is at the same time beautiful, sexy and comfy? Brigade Mondaine offers you this luxury! Discover all our nightwear and homewear (kimonos, babydolls, sexy pyjamas) from our different designers! From pyjamas to nightgowns, through nightgowns, the homewear we offer are unique creations with impeccable finishes. Our lingerie for the home mixes luxury and comfort by adding a touch of originality. Succumb to our long kimono Lion Flash You and MeThe black belt is made of polyester and comes with a beautiful black belt to tie. Fly to dreamland with the Madame Rêve teddy of Atelier Amour in lace, crepe and black elastic.

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