LUDIQUE, the sensual and graphic luxury lingerie brand, born from the imagination of its Romanian designer, Ruxandra Gheorghe. Playful comes from the Latin "Ludus" and embodies the duality of the feminine spirit, both seductive and playful.

Ludique is a declaration, an affirmation, a manifesto on the emancipation of the female mind and body.
Sculptural pieces of lingerie, designed to provoke sensuality. Fine and precious, like a second skin, lingerie is made entirely by hand from delicate and precious materials, incorporating original but comfortable designs.

All models are manufactured ethically, in limited edition, in a responsible and sustainable way, using natural textile fibres in the process of creating clothing in harmony with the environment. Underwear pieces such as Outerwear, versatile lingerie products designed to be worn boldly outside of conventional occasions.

From the rituals, magic was born...

Mythica and Rituals, the new collections, celebrate the divine essence of the feminine spirit through bold and assertive pieces that are both conceptual and symbolic, inspired by the archetype of the high priestess, the powerful prophetess bearing the sacred messages of the gods. The collections include pieces that retain Ludique's notoriously sensual style, but at the same time are extremely versatile, opening up many styling possibilities and inviting creative self-expression in one's own boudoir, as well as in public appearances.

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