Brigade Mondaine is proud to present UPKO & ZALO USA for the first time in France.
From BDSM accessories luxury leather, Romantic Bondage, the seductive lingeries, of the gift boxes of the hottest.
The spirit of the brand is top-of-the-range and also focuses on visual expression. Their range is presented in sublime gift boxes ready to offer.

Find a wide range of products at this designer with intimate jewelry, bondage setstrings Shibariboxed set of constraints and many more!



When two giants of the bondage accessories and bdsm meet...
ZALO USA is known worldwide for the quality and originality of its products, their sex toy collections are regularly mentioned in women's magazines.
ZALO USA has succeeded in creating a whole range of products for pleasure without neglecting the artistic aspect, collections such as Versailles, Sweet Magic, Legends and Lolita.
UPKO it is the new high-end trend in erotic luxury exclusively at Mondain Brigadee.
Recognized worldwide for the quality of its products and the various patents registered such as the Pink Gagthe best-selling bondage ball gag, UPKO is since 2019 a must for Bondage and BDSM accessories.
Zalo is a brand with a very feminine spirit. Each product is designed to take care of women's sexual health. For its accessories of submission and domination, Zalo has created the collection Doll Series who embodies romantic bondage.
The bondage accessories of the Doll Series collection are real jewels; this range perfectly reflects the luxurious and feminine spirit of the brand.
Sophisticated creations, the romantic and audacious French style is present in every room.
The thorns have penetrated the body and the rose rooted in the heart is in full bloom. Love and wounds coexist perfectly...
Discover a selection of bdsm handcuffs, collars for submissive, bdsm bed for petgirlof bondage headbandsof leashes for submissive and if you are a sex gamer, we advise you to fall for one of the BDSM cases or the Sade Trunk.

Whether you are hard or soft bondage sex, you will find here your happiness...

Did you say bondage games?

Bondage was originally a Japanese military practice of tying up prisoners. Over time, this practice has become a highly prized and codified art. The practice was democratized in the 1990s and now defines an erotic practice in which the partners tie each other up in a consensual manner.
Today, bondage is one of the most widespread sexual games. Remaining an art for some, a practice for couples for others, bondage is more and more widespread and is practiced to different degrees. The most important thing is to have a relationship of trust, to feel comfortable.
Define the basic principles, who attaches and who is attached, and then let your imagination run wild. Starting slowly, and not setting limits, will allow you to explore more and more of this universe.

Revolutionize bondage with UPKO !

The brand offers you new ways to have fun today. Have fun with their collection The Remoulded and reform the tradition! It's up to you to redefine a new bondage experience and intimate game. Heat up the atmosphere with a snap of the finger and sail away on a fun and satisfying journey. Modernity is at the rendezvous at the Brigade Mondaine, no more traditional handcuffs offer you a breathtaking experience with our latest bondage technologies.

To start more gently, reveal your beauty with our sensual jewelry. Intimate jewelry, sexual jewelry, erotic jewelry, it is the new trend in the erotic luxury ! Let yourself be tempted by these handcrafted wonders whose quality will leave you speechless... Stimulate yourself continuously, sensitize your intimate points and unleash the storm of lust inside you.






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