Manhattan collection by Bracli

Manhattan collection by Bracli. Set by Bracli with a black lace and transparent support at the breasts, black panties also in lace and transparent on the front. The model is sitting and looking straight at the lens. The background behind her is pink and white with some bluish reflections.

Bracli presents Manhattan Collection, a modern and erotic collection

Manhattan Collection by Bracli

Black pearls with Manhattan Collection

Bracli combines jewelry, lingerie and stimulation. It is something new and original, different from any other known garment on the market. Perfect for a special occasion and to live new and exciting experiences full of subtlety.

Manhattan collection combines recycled Italian lace, highly transparent tulle, and silver elastic lurex finishes. The black beads, a distinctive element of BracliThe objective of the courses is to stimulate you...

Manhattan Collection by Bracli

Stimulation with the double collar

4 types of panties

G-string with stimulating lace beads and black fishnet BRACLI at Brigade Mondaine

In addition to the functions of the simple necklace, there is the possibility of having sex by penetrating through the two bead bands with the consequent stimulation of the penis. The pearl ring must be moved until it touches the clitoris, thus providing additional friction with each penetration.

Thongs by Bracli

BRACLIThe origin of this word comes from two words related to the most private and personal side of women: "Braga" and "Clitoris", is an invention. Bracli has this consideration precisely because it departs from conventional intimate apparel where, to the function of dressing and embellishing as a unique jewel that is, has been added that of stimulating directly the female genital area, giving it a novel character, different from any garment known until now.

However, there is a stimulus more important than the physical, more intense than the soft touch of the pearls, and that is that Bracli activates your fantasies, invites you to imagine... And it is an invitation to the woman who wears it and also to all those who want to share this experience as an accomplice, as a confidant... The excitement will be contagious for all those who will participate in this pleasant experience

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