Behind the Scenes - A Unique Manufacturing Technique by Stephanie Santos

Stephanie Santos proposes a new vision of lingerie and fashion, an intersection of design and technology. A unique manufacturing technique through the use of 3D.

Bralette Cuckou collection Bloom of the brand Stephanie SANTOS. This bralette is a 3D printed lingerie creation. This bralette is inspired by the shape of the brand's logo by presenting 3D butterfly lace that covers the chest and part of the sides in black. A simple nude band covers the skin to provide more comfort. Simple thin straps are present. The product is a halter top and fastens at the back with long satin ribbons.

3D technology

Stephanie Santos uses 3D technology such as 3D pens, 3D printers and 3D software as a manufacturing technique to create three-dimensional digital patterns and translate them into 3D printed garments, textiles and accessories.

The 3D printers will create each part of a product thanks to an electronic chip containing the digital design. The filament (spool of thread for the printer) used is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which is 100% recyclable and reusable. The material is waterproof and can be easily washed in hot water (max 40 degrees).

Each garment is made in her workshop and finished by hand. The fabrics used for the clothes are of ethical and natural origin, or leftovers and therefore limited in quantity.

An extraordinary manufacturing technique

The designer has combined modern technology with traditional sewing to create her unique pieces. Each piece of open lingerie is manufactured on demand to avoid unwanted stock.

The brand advocates Slow-fashion and zero waste while navigating the 3D universe!

3D printing allows a more sustainable and less polluting production. The brand is also inspired by the principles of 'Slowfashion'. Stephanie Santos uses 3D technology such as 3D pens, 3D printers and 3D software to create 3D digital designs and translate them into 3D printed clothing, textiles and accessories.

Working with a 3D pen offers so many possibilities that have not yet been explored. Bringing designs to life and creating unique textiles with the 3D pen is incredible. The 3D pen is a perfect fabrication technique for artists who want to explore unconventional and new techniques for their work and designs.

Unique pieces

Elegant and unique design inspired by the beauty of flowers that gently entangle around the female body. As if flowers provide support and care to all women from all walks of life, placed on lace lingerie

"The idea is to work with a material that has a sustainable production and life cycle: each piece I print can be cut into small pieces again and remelted into filaments that can be reused by a machine for other productions."

Stephanie Santos, designer

The fabrics used for the confection of this seductive lingerie are ethically sourced and natural or leftovers and therefore limited in quantity. Each piece of lingerie is made in her workshop and finished by hand by the designer herself, using a unique manufacturing technique.

The collections of luxury lingerie 3D Morphosis and Bloom are exclusive to Brigade Mondaine, available in black or nude.

3D Sewing creations Stephanie Santos are delivered in pretty ethical and organic bags, ready to offer!

Discover Bloom and Morphosis now!

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