Stephanie Santos proposes a new vision of lingerie and fashion, an intersection of design and technology. The designer merges the traditional construction of Haute Couture garments with new digital and 3D printing techniques. The couture is 3D printed. All lingerie pieces are unique and handmade to order by the FashionTech designer in her workshop in Portugal.

About the designer Stephanie Santos 3D Print Fashion

Stéphanie Santos was born in Luxembourg of Portuguese parents. She studied various fields of art and design in France and abroad (at the TextileLab in Amsterdam). The designer admires what nature offers us, especially the wonders of flora. In her work, she fuses modern techniques with the fundamentals to create her interpretation of aesthetics and make unique pieces of lingerie. Stephanie Santos is specialized in textile technology, and more specifically in FashionTech 3D printing which offers new innovative possibilities for the design and production of clothing and textiles.

"The idea is to work with a material that has a sustainable production and life cycle: each piece I print can be cut into small pieces again and remelted into filaments that can be reused by a machine for other productions," she explains.

A person is only the product of their thoughts. What they think, they become. -Mahatma Gandhi

The designer is inspired in part by Nature, biomimicking aspects of the botanical kingdom, particularly plants. The design is elevated to the ergonomic designs of the female body to create a unique, natural and fitted elegance. Form and function must coexist to feel comfortable in one's clothing. Nature has already cracked the code of perfection. Overall, the founder believes in a symbiotic relationship of clothing created using nature's codes.

3D printing allows for a more sustainable and less polluting production. The brand is also inspired by the principles of 'Slowfashion'. Stephanie Santos uses 3D technology such as 3D pens, 3D printers and 3D software to create 3D digital designs and translate them into 3D printed clothing, textiles and accessories. Working with a 3D pen offers so many more possibilities that have yet to be explored. Bringing designs to life and creating unique textiles with the 3D pen is incredible. The 3D pen is a perfect tool for artists who want to explore unconventional and new techniques for their work and designs.

The fabrics used for the garments are ethically sourced and natural or leftover and therefore limited in quantity. Each piece of lingerie is made in her workshop and finished by hand by the designer herself. Stephanie Santos' 3D Couture creations are delivered in beautiful ethical and organic pouches, ready to give!

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