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Crystal Delights: The Art of Elegant Pleasure since 2010at Brigade Mondaine

Studio packshot of black galaxy plug on white background, midnight blue with constellations and levitating green planet
Photograph of dildo galaxy black on white background, midnight blue with constellations and levitating green planet

Since its inception in 2010, Crystal Delights has forged its path in the sensual accessories industry with a focus on exquisite craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence. Specializing in the creation of handcrafted instruments of pleasure, the brand has distinguished itself by offering unique products that combine aesthetics, quality and a deep social commitment.

A promise of quality by Crystal Delights

Crystal Delights' commitment to quality is unwavering. The materials used, including high-quality glass, are carefully selected to ensure safety, durability and optimum enjoyment. Each product is the result of in-depth research and meticulous development, guaranteeing a unique experience for every user.

Exquisite New Products at Brigade Mondaine

True to its commitment to innovation and its relentless pursuit of excellence, Brigade Mondaine is delighted to present the brand new Cristal Delight collection. These revolutionary creations, the fruit of in-depth research and meticulous development, enrich the unique experience the brand offers. Each piece embodies a harmonious fusion of the brand's artisanal heritage and contemporary trends, bringing a new dimension to the sensual radiance that defines Cristal Delight.

A one-of-a-kind, full-colour space collection that you can find at

2 New Universes at Brigade Mondaine

Crystal Delights marks an exciting turning point with the launch of two captivating new plug collections, further expanding its universe of sensual elegance. The first, the Galaxy series, invites pleasure seekers to explore infinity with creations evoking celestial mysteries, combining sophistication with cosmic eroticism. The second, the faux fur collection, offers a luxurious tactile experience, marrying the warmth of touch with the distinctive Crystal Delights aesthetic. These new creations, fusing tradition and modernity, demonstrate the brand's ongoing commitment to innovation and diversity.

New Faux Fur Tail releases

Clear surgical glass plug with husky tail of Crystal Delight at Brigade Mondaine
Clear surgical glass plug with white leopard tail from Crystal Delight at Brigade Mondaine
Leopard Bud tail plug with detachable magnetic base by Crystal Delights at Brigade Mondaine

A Collection for Every Taste

Crystal Delights' diverse range doesn't just satisfy individual preferences, it celebrates them. From elegant creations to more daring designs, each product offers a unique experience, ensuring that everyone can find the instrument of pleasure that matches their desires and style.

New Galaxy releases

Studio packshot of black galaxy plug on white background, midnight blue with constellations and levitating green planet
Snowy photograph of a dildo on a white background, it represents a rainbow, it is colored with white, red, yellow, green, blue, navy, purple, a festival of confetti and colors.
Photograph of black galaxy dildo on tree trunk, midnight blue with constellations and levitating green planet

Crystal Delights, engaged

The brand's commitment goes beyond the world of pleasure. Crystal Delights sees it as a mission to give back to the communities that have welcomed it. Through charitable donations, support for sex education, animal charities, LGBT community advocacy and environmental initiatives, the brand seeks to have a positive impact that transcends the boundaries of its business activities. These causes are not simply part of the company's identity, but are integrated into every aspect of its daily operations.

In the world of erotica, Crystal Delights stands out for its unwavering commitment to creating the finest sensual products. The brand prides itself on using only the most exquisite, body-safe materials, maintaining rigorous quality standards and exceptional attention to detail. Every Crystal Delights product undergoes a meticulous process of design, creation and testing, ensuring that it not only meets their high standards of quality, safety and beauty, but exceeds them.

A Brand at the Summit

Crystal Delights has established itself as an ambassador of elegance, pleasure and social commitment in the field of sensual plugs and accessories. By combining meticulous craftsmanship, superior materials and a strong social mission, the brand continues to push boundaries, offering its customers an experience that goes beyond mere pleasure, elevating the world of pleasure instruments to a sophisticated art form.

Image of two superimposed sockets, one pink and the other black, filled with bright beads of their respective hues, each adorned with a suspended rabbit tail.

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