Bordelle, a monogram logo to discover

Bordelle adjustable Bondage Angela dress navy blue
For fans of a The fashion world is abuzz with the new adventure of Bordelle. The iconic brand has taken a major step forward with a bold rebranding, and the results are nothing short of sensational.

It all began with a landmark change: the return of Bordelle's iconic monogram logo. This logo, which symbolizes the very essence of the brand, has been redesigned with a modern touch, while retaining its distinctive character. A return to the brand's roots that has delighted brand fans the world over.

But the surprises don't stop there. Bordelle has also made a radical change to its packaging. Gone is the gold-on-black look, replaced by the refined elegance of black-on-white. A bold choice that reflects the brand's evolution towards a minimalist, sophisticated style. Every detail has been carefully considered, right down to the labels, which now proudly bear the new monogram, the symbol of this successful rebranding.

bardelle necklace in sky blue, SS24 collection with gold monogram .

But that's not all: Bordelle has not only revamped its image, it has also launched a new range of accessory to complement their new identity. Necklaces, bracelets and belts proudly display the monogram logo, becoming must-have pieces for brand aficionados.

As for the Noir and Navy accessories, they offer a timeless elegance that never goes unnoticed. Finally, Dusty Bleu accessories add a subtle, delicate touch, evoking the serenity of the sky at dusk.

This new adventure for Bordelle is off to a flying start. The bold rebranding has seduced and surprised, while preserving the essence and DNA of the brand. It's a declaration of intent that shows Bordelle is ready to write an exciting new chapter in the world of fashion and design. luxury lingerie.

vero harness, from Bordelle, SS24 Collection with waist belt featuring the brand's new Monogram logo.

So let yourself be enchanted by the new face of Bordelle, with its iconic monogram logo, black-on-white packaging and accessories elegant. A brand that has successfully reinvented itself, proving that evolution is the key to staying at the top of fashion.

With this new collection, Bordelle proves that they are masters in the art of creating accessories that express the individuality and personality of those who wear them. Whether you want to add a splash of vibrant color or opt for timeless elegance, Bordelle accessories are the perfect companions to enhance your style with bold originality.

BORDELLE SS24 Vero - ACCESSORIES Magenta Pink Belt
The magenta-pink Vero collection belt highlights the 24-carat gold-plated monogram logo. Its double-belted back creates a refined, sculpting effect.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover Verts Aden, Rose accessories. MagentaNavy Black and Dusty Blue, and let yourself be seduced by Bordelle's new adventure, which is off to a brilliant start. Bold rebranding, dazzling colors and breathtaking accessories: this is the essence of the Bordelle brand, which promises to captivate you.

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