Crystal Delights

Since its inception in 2010, Crystal Delights has made it a point to develop its line of handcrafted instruments of pleasure.
Crystal Delights thinks and builds the best possible products, from the best materials, with a commitment to quality and an unparalleled attention to detail. Many hours have been spent on the research and development of these products, putting at the heart of the process the quality of the materials, the safety, the pleasure and of course the aesthetics of these true glass sculptures. The brand is also involved in a number of charitable projects; and supports sex education, animal welfare, the LGBT community and tries to minimise its carbon footprint as much as possible.
Let yourself be tempted by the 'small and cute', and succumb to the white or black anal plug Bunny ! Or perhaps you prefer 'the big and long one'? Discover the range Pony !


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Crystal Delights is a brand born in 2008, producing adult pleasure items in the virtual world of Second Life. It is in 2010 that the Crystal Delights brand appears in real life. The colorful collection of Tails anal plugs made its appearance. Following this collection, the brand has evolved into a variety of anus jewelry. Crystal Delights offers us a beautiful range of handmade pleasure products made of glass, meeting the criteria of beauty and quality. The various erotic products meet and correspond to the values advocated by the brand: animal protection, the LGBT community, donations to the structures they support, and the environmental cause. These values are part of the brand and their daily work.

What's an anal plug for?

It is an accessory to prepare for anal penetration, but also an object of pleasure. It allows to progressively relax the muscles around the anus. It can also be used to reach a sensitive area around the prostate: through the anus, the anal plug can touch the peri-prostatic area by filling it completely.

For more delicacy...

Enter the world of Crystal Delights The latest range of the brand, the Glitter collection is simply magical. You have always dreamed of being a "cute little rabbit", this accessory is made for you! With this little bunny tail, you will turn heads. We have selected for you the classic Crystal Delight glass plug to which we have attached a small removable synthetic fur bunny tail, an adorable accessory for your erotic games. In addition to the pleasure you will get from this plug, your anatomy will be in perfect condition to receive all the love you need.

Discover the Pony Tails Plugs of Crystal Delights.

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