UPKO Bondage Accessories

Cosmic Exploration: UPKO's BLACK LABEL Collection

The famous BDSM brand UPKO entrusts its ultra-luxury collection BLACK LABEL à Brigade Mondaine.

UPKO Alloy & Polyester Bondage Accessories

UPKO, a brand that transcends the boundaries of luxury, unveils its new Black Label collection, a harmonious fusion of rare materials and sparkling details. This collection is a celebration of the essence of the planet, an acknowledgement of the infinity of the Universe, and a captivating metaphor for the intimate relationships within this vast Cosmos.

Each piece in this collection is designed with precision, creating a perfect balance between classic / timeless and new / trendy. It's an invitation to dive as deep as the endless blue universe.

The luxurious multi-layer storage case, designed in high-quality textured imitation leather, is much more than just a container. It represents elegance and supreme stability. The integrated magnet on the front and the lid not only guarantee maximum security, but also add extraordinary character to the whole.

The gray flannel fabric used in the making of the case speaks a decent, modest language, underlining UPKO's sophisticated approach to design. The soft middle layer protects every item in the collection from damage, demonstrating the brand's commitment to quality and durability. What's more, the pull-out design allows for easy acquisition, offering an optimal user experience.

UPKO's Black Label box is an exclusive set that takes you on a unique sensory journey. Each piece is carefully stored separately to prevent abrasion and ensure optimum protection. Discover the quintessence of this exceptional collection, comprising the following items:

  1. Whip
  2. Flogger
  3. Paddle
  4. Whisk
  5. Short stainless steel binding structures (x3)
  6. Leather straps (x4)
  7. Connection loops (x2)

The BLACK LABEL Collection riding crop from UPKO embodies exclusivity with extraordinary details that are sure to captivate luxury connoisseurs. Crafted from Italian leather, renowned for its unrivalled quality, this riding crop offers exceptional texture and suppleness, creating an incomparable tactile sensation. The gold-plated brass parts add a further touch of refinement, enhancing the overall aesthetic with their luxurious golden sheen.

The details don't stop there, as the whip also features zirconium inlays, lending a sparkling shine to every movement. This meticulous choice of precious materials underlines UPKO's commitment to excellence and elegance. To crown it all, Indonesian lizard skin, known for its unique texture, adds an exotic and seductive dimension to this exceptional piece. Each element of the whip is carefully selected to create a functional work of art, fusing style, sophistication and unsurpassed quality. The whip from UPKO's BLACK LABEL Collection is much more than an accessory; it's an uncompromising statement of style and luxury.

Black background photograph of a female witch holding a black baked paddle in her hand, wearing a red cape and gold embroidery.
Black background photograph of a female witch emerging from a cloud of purple smoke, holding a black leather riding crop, wearing a red cape and gold embroidery.

Following growing demand from our customers, we are delighted to announce an exciting new addition to our exclusive showroom. The paddle and riding crop from UPKO's prestigious BLACK LABEL Collection are now available for individual purchase, fulfilling the wishes of our valued customers. We understand the importance of personalizing your experience and acquiring the pieces that most resonate with your preferences. Now you have the opportunity to add these iconic pieces to your collection, enabling an even deeper immersion in the luxury and elegance of UPKO. Visit our showroom today to discover these exceptional pieces and personalize your BLACK LABEL experience.

The individual paddle from UPKO's BLACK LABEL Collection offers an extraordinary sensory experience. With its exceptional width, it is designed to offer a unique sensation with every use, allowing you to receive a flood of love from the universe.

UPKO Alloy & Leather Bondage Accessories
Grey background photograph of blue and gold packaging, box with velvet pouch inscribed "UPKO BLACK LABEL COLLECTION".
UPKO - Black Label Bdsm

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UPKO Alloy & Polyester Leather Bondage Accessories

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