The art of harnessing in lingerie

The body harness has its origins in military use, originally designed for carrying weapons. 

However, its adoption in the fashion world was influenced by cultural and social movements such as the sexual revolution of the 1970s. At that time, the harness became a symbol of liberation and sexual expression, associated with fetishist connotations. 

Quickly adopted by pop culture icons such as Rihanna and Lady Gaga In the years 2011-2013, the harness has become a wardrobe staple for those seeking a rebellious, edgy aesthetic.

After a few quiet years, harnesses have been making a comeback in fashion since 2022, notably in lingerie, but also in harness-inspired ready-to-wear pieces. Harnesses can be found on the catwalks of major fashion brands, in music videos and everywhere else.

Harnesses in lingerie can be interpreted in many different ways: leather or fabric, colored or black, there's something for everyone.

Inspiration and style

Wearing a harness is very versatile and offers many possibilities.

At night, the harness can be used to complete your sexiest outfits, accompanied by nighties or a bathrobe to reveal the beauty of the lines on the body.

By day, the harness can be worn over a shirt, top or dress. Or you can wear harness-inspired garments such as special suspenders or a special corset. The harness offers a chic, sexy look to every outfit, immediately making the style more unique.

5 lingerie brands offering harnesses

Bordelle offers lingerie sets and dresses with harness inspiration in the majority of its creations. 

Angela dresses, in particular, are 100% harnesses, skin-covering and fully adjustable. This innovative style embodies the fetish side in harmony with a more sober, dressy side.

UPKO offers more classic harnesses, to be worn around the waist, on the face or on the body. The overall aim is to subtly dress and embellish the body with high-quality lingerie.

Figure of A also offers a different version of the harness, innovating with a mix between harness and shibari. Harnesses are made of rope and embellish the wearer's upper body.

Asche & Gold offers harness-style lingerie sets in gold and black, combining leather and lace in its creations. The mix of materials and shapes makes these creations unique.

Couture de Nuit offers all kinds of playsuits inspired by the harness style. The lines enhance the body of any woman wearing this skin-revealing garment.

Photograph of a woman sitting on a table in a living room, wearing a black open harness with her hair in front of her face.

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