Vixen & Fox "Monarchy

Woman wearing the peacock-inspired Vixen & Fox Monarchy bra.
Available from Brigade Mondaine first, the australian luxury lingerie launches its new collection: Monarchy.

Monarchy, the royal collection from Vixen & Fox

Monarchy is a sumptuous, refined collection that perfectly combines exquisite craftsmanship with sophisticated, comfortable design.

Vixen & Fox is on a mission to inspire women, and believes that the world of beauty and luxury are forgotten battles in feminism. The lingerie brand focuses on women's freedom and emancipation through the luxury lingerie. The brand wants women to fall in love with themselves more and live with more confidence, courage and authenticity. The brand offers women unique and strong collections to help them feel sexy and powerful.

Vixen & Fox inspired by a blend of peacock beauty and Art Deco inspiration, emerald-green silk and Swiss-designed embroidery make these pieces truly regal, showcasing a woman's body in a sexy, fashionable way.

A collection for day and night

With his collection, Vixen & Fox offers a bustiers, of the panties, thongs, garter belt as well as a bra. Each piece reflects the elegance of European craftsmanship: Swiss-designed custom embroidery, emerald-green silk, silk-wrapped straps and Italian knitwear. Made to be as comfortable as they are sophisticated, the pieces are extremely sexy and original, making them ideal for all occasions, day or night. Pieces feature doubled, sometimes tripled, fastenings offering tailor-made adjustment leading to optimal comfort. The straps are covered in silk, giving the pieces all the softness and splendor of luxury standards.

The collection was inspired by the peacock, as was the design of our Showroom 4 rue du Fer à Moulin, Paris 75005.

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