Upko welcomes you to the captivating universe from the brand-new collection, "The Chess". Immerse yourself in a sensual experience that skilfully blends the game of chess, a symbol of strategy and balance, with intimacy, creating a unique fusion of art, passion and pleasure. This bold collection promises to redefine the rules of the game in the realm of intimacy, offering artistic accessories that transcend convention. Discover how each piece in this collection brings playful harmony to your intimate moments, elevating the connection between partners to new heights. Welcome to the intriguing and elegant world of "The Chess".

Surprise: the unexpected arrival of the famous brand UPKO and its collection Chess now available from Brigade Mondaine.

The Chess Collection: Playing the Chessboard of Intimacy with Style and Subtlety

In the world of intimate relationshipsThe quest for control shouldn't dictate the pace. On the contrary, balance and harmony between partners can be the key to a deep and lasting connection. The Chess collection offers a unique approach by integrating elements of chess into the realm of intimate toys, adding a subtle tension to the playful experience. It's a fascinating mix of confrontation, collision and sublimation, aimed at bringing a playful harmony to the relationship.

At the heart of this collection is the King, the centerpiece of the game of chess. In the world of chess, the King is the object of fierce struggle between the two camps, symbolizing the domination of power. This unique piece is also the focal point of the collection, designed to bring a sense of control and power to those who dare to venture into the intimacy of the game. Alongside the king are the queen, the bishop and the knight.

Described as a wonderful case for the anus, the "Roi" anal plug offers a unique and provocative sensory experience. Shapes faithful to complete chess pieces recall the symbolism of power, while their practical design allows easy handling and a feeling of control.

Powerful symbolism : The shape is faithful to the complete chess piece, representing the domination of power in intimacy.

Convenience and control: Easy to hold, offering a feeling of control during play.

Intimate Sensuality: The master can hold the chess piece and stroke lightly to feel the partner's return and response under control.

Quality Material : Made of solid zinc alloy, representing the weight of power, yet galvanized to prevent allergies and ensure safety.

The narrowness of the pieces in the collection creates an exciting challenge for players, avoiding any risk of slipping and reinforcing the feeling of existence at every moment. It's not just an accessory, but a tool for developing and exercising the sphincter, making it increasingly firm and strong.

The Chess collection offers a unique, stylish approach to exploring intimacy with balance and subtlety. The "King" anal plug becomes the protagonist of this experience, offering a harmonious fusion of the playful and the sensual. For those seeking a new dimension in their intimate play, this collection offers an artistic and provocative way to redefine the rules of pleasure for two.

Discover the elegance and power of "The Chess - The Queen Kegel Ball". This unique piece in the collection embodies grace and strength, inspired by the strategic power of the queen in chess. The Queen Kegel Ball offers a stimulating and beneficial experience.

The valiant knight brandishing a powerful lance, this accessory redefines the boundaries of sensuality. Welcome to the world of urethral sound, a discreet "audacity booster" that opens the way to unexplored pleasures. Discover the art of intimate conquest with this powerful entry into the realm of pleasure.

Urethral sound is not simply a device, but a means of discovering different methods and angles for male orgasm. Each use triggers a cascade of crystalline "tears" of ecstasy, offering a unique sensory experience. Gentle teasing, slow movements and playful games create a symphony of pleasure, like pearls dancing on a jade plate.

The combination of gold and silver offers unrivalled brilliance, elevating this accessory to the status of a work of art. Inspired by the knight's chess piece, the horsehead motif is both magnificent and heroic. The sleek design ensures a comfortable grip, while the claw-shaped base provides stimulating massage to the balanus.

The vibrator "The Chess Bishop"is much more than just an intimate accessory, it's a refined sensory experience that fuses the elegance of chess with intimate pleasure. Inspired by the graceful movement of the bishop on the chessboard, this toy explores the subtle nuances of stimulation. Featuring a carefully considered design, the Bishop offers powerful vibrations, adapting perfectly to the body's curves for a uniquely satisfying experience. Precision crafted, this accessory embodies the meeting of chess strategy and sensual pleasure, adding a new dimension to your intimate exploration. "The Chess Bishop" promises an experience that combines sophistication and satisfaction, transforming every moment into a "chess experience". exciting game pleasure and discovery.

In conclusion, "The Chess" collection is an invitation to explore intimacy in a bold and artistic way. Each piece, imbued with the symbolism of the game of chess, offers a unique, captivating and evolving experience. By integrating aesthetics and quality, "The Chess" becomes much more than just a collection of intimate accessories; it becomes an invitation to explore new horizons, push boundaries and create intimate moments imbued with harmony and passion.

Dare to discover the art of intimacy with "The Chess" and transform every moment into a sensual symphony where strategy meets passion.

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