Nippies by UPKO!

Packshot on white background of nippies with red heart-shaped cherry bells and gold chain and hook and black glitter base

The nippies are true allies in seduction, not just for covering nipples. Through their material, color or shape, they become erotic accessories that become fashion accessories. In intimate settings, they add a subtle, refined note of sensuality. For the more daring, they can also be worn as accessories to enhance an outfit, under a mesh top for example.

UPKO: an innovator in the nippie market

GIF of a cake wearing red heart-shaped cherry bell nipple covers with gold chain and hook and black glitter base with bell clitoral jewels

UPKO is a renowned Taiwanese brand, renowned for its creative universe and the exceptional quality of its creations. The brand is used to creating stimulating accessories for the nipples, such as the Crownthe Snowflakeand the bar setwhich also offers clitoral stimulation. In addition to the sensory pleasure provided by these products, aesthetics also play an important role, as they are carefully designed to appeal to your eyes too.

Some time ago, UPKO had already made its mark with its Baroque nippies that enhance the bust by covering only the nipples, going beyond what a traditional bra would do. These black leather nippies adorned with a gold metallic piece and rhinestones are simply perfect.

With its new collection, UPKO lets you sublimate your breasts by decorating them with white pearls and delicious heart-shaped cherries.

Japanese inspiration

Elegant UPKO nippies are the perfect choice for subtly adorning your bosom with a touch of refinement. Attention is instantly drawn to these two delicious red cherries shaped into hearts, interconnected by a delicate gold chain. This chain can be removed to leave only the black sequin cover, offering a more understated styling option while retaining a seductive allure.

For those who not only want to accentuate the visual aspect, but also seek heightened sensory stimulation, there's a seductive alternative to nippies: nipple clamps.

These golden clamps, in particular, are perfect for gently stimulating your nipples while highlighting them, creating a captivating visual appeal. They act like erotic jewels, guiding the eye to the delicate curve to finally reveal a pearl of dazzling whiteness.

Nippies turn out to be much more than mere cover accessories, transcending their primary function to become erotic elements flirting with aesthetics and fashion.

UPKO excels in their creation as both beautifying and nipple-stimulating accessories, offering pieces that go beyond simple sensual lingerie. From the subtle seduction of Baroque nipples to elegant nipples adorned with heart-shaped cherries, each creation is carefully thought out to stimulate not only the senses but also the eye. With a focus on exceptional quality and seductive aesthetics, UPKO continues to make its mark, enabling everyone to enhance their breasts in a unique and refined way.

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