Asche & Gold

Asche & Gold Handmade Boudoir Bodywear - Luxury brand created in 2019, the creations Asche & Gold are made to order and entirely by hand in Berlin. Designer Christina Gold continues her vision of the sexy bodysuit that is both non-conformist and classic. Asche & Gold loves opposites and plays with them. It's everything and nothing, hard and soft, strong and weak. But always a little provocative and elegant. These multitudes of facets that make a woman, an accomplished woman, strong, delicate and sophisticated. So we find in Asche & Gold a permanent duality between the leather of the bondage accessory and the delicate lace of the fine lingerie. Bondage accessories such as harness, chokers or playsuits are made of Italian nappa lamb leather from the renowned Berlin supplier Fauck; the luxury lingerie pieces are made of fine lace and elastic velvet. Adjustable elements ensure a perfect fit for every body type. Well-fitting, these boudoir rooms perfectly fit every curve, like a second skin.

"Each of my facets belongs to me. Sometimes I feel strong like a superhero and then again delicate & sophisticated. This is also reflected in my designs. That's why I never wanted to choose just one of the two in my collections." - Christina Gold

Too difficult to choose between elegance and provocation?

ASCHE & GOLD offers you this possibility with its incredible pieces of BDSM erotic lingerie. Playsuits, panty, BDSM harness, bondage collarsand even fine lingerie with lace, you will find something to enjoy. Indulge yourself with this designer and use your most beautiful BDSM accessories by day on a classic outfit or by night on your skin...Lamb leather chosen with great precision to always satisfy you in gun gold or black and hand sewn lace pieces in the A & G workshops. Correctly adjusted, the pieces perfectly wrap each curve, like a second skin. Both provocative and elegant, come discover her bondage necklaces and BDSM items if you're in the mood for playfulness or her luxurious black lace lingerie when you're in the mood for a soft touch. Make this fine lingerie a fashion asset with a more casual use while offering your outfit a luxury look. ASCHE & GOLD is to offer you the possibility to choose between darkness and grandeur. Literally, ashes and gold will make you feel like a queen!

So today are you more lambskin and metal rings or velvet and lace? Make these creations of real BDSM jewelry...


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