COUTURE DE NUIT le Playsuit harnais "morphologique" Exclusif

Woman wearing a black velvet playsuit

Brand harnesses Couture de Nuit transcend the realm of fashion accessory to become masterpieces in the world of BDSM. Combining sophistication and robustness playsuits (or harnesses) are designed to offer not only perfect support, but also a sensual and daring aesthetic. Each Couture de Nuit creation is designed to enhance the intimate experience, combining comfort and eroticism.

Whether you're a novice or a BDSM enthusiast, these harnesses bring a touch of luxury and elegance to your practices. Immerse yourself in the refinement of Couture de Nuit and discover the power of harnesses in your sensual play.

Couture de Nuit: elegant eroticism

Founded in 2016 in Spain, Couture de Nuit was born from the bold vision of its creator, Alexandra, who are passionate about the world of luxury and BDSM. The brand has quickly established itself as a leader in high-end erotic harnesses and accessories, thanks to its commitment to artisanal excellence and stylistic innovation. Each piece is carefully handcrafted to combine refined aesthetics and functionality, satisfying the desires of those seeking both comfort and sensuality. Couture de Nuit's philosophy is based on the idea that elegance and pleasure should go hand in hand, transforming every intimate moment into an unforgettable experience.

A playsuit refined

Couture de Nuit offers high-quality bondage-inspired playsuits (harnesses). All harnesses are handmade in Barcelona from velvet elastic, and adjustable to every body shape thanks to an ingenious system of delicate gold-plated zippers.

Our creations are equally versatile. Couture de Nuit playsuits can be worn on their own for a very erotic evening, as an accessory to spice up your usual lingerie, or as a fashion statement piece. fashion combined with your outfit.

Woman wearing a black velvet playsuit

Elaborate designs

Each playsuit takes several hours of handwork to design. All seams are invisible and carefully hand-sewn. What's more, the elastic velvet used for these high-quality playsuits is the finest, softest and most luxurious in Europe, ensuring great durability. Comfort is a top priority for Couture de Nuit, with soft edges and delicate stitching to prevent skin irritation, even with prolonged use.

The range includes playsuits elegant models such as Kate or even Eva which will embellish your body magnificently and are available in a range of colors to suit your every whim and desire. As for StellaOne of our best-selling models, it will fit your shape perfectly, adapting delicately to your morphology.

A perfect fit for every body type

In addition to their high quality, Couture de Nuit's playsuits have been designed with as many adjustable elements as possible, so that everyone feels perfectly comfortable wearing them. Their one-size-fits-all design allows you to adjust each ribbon like a bespoke cut.

The Couture de Nuit playsuit is carefully designed around the shape of the human body. The high-quality elastic material adapts perfectly to a wide range of body types.

Photograph of a woman's body, wearing a white harness with gold details and a white shirt .
COUTURE DE NUIT - Playsuit Grace

Simply adjust the clamping loops when the playsuit is worn, it will embrace your curves as if made to measure. The playsuit envelops the body with precision and exceptional comfort. Adjustable ribbons allow uncompromising customization and ensure that the harness stays in place, whatever the movement or position.

Photograph of a woman's body wearing a fuchsia playsuit with white flowers scattered over her body, in her hand. Couture de nuit
COUTURE DE NUIT-Playsuit Stella

In conclusion, Couture de Nuit playsuits are much more than just clothes. They embody a perfect fusion of style, comfort and eroticism. Each piece, crafted with artisanal precision and high-quality materials, offers a unique experience that magnifies and transcends the body. For those looking to deepen their exploration of BDSM, these playsuits are an elegant and sophisticated gateway. By wearing these creations, you're not only offering yourself an exceptional outfit, but also a powerful tool for expressing and living out your fantasies to the full, exploring the many facets of BDSM and intensifying your intimate experiences.

Couture de Nuit redefines luxury standards in the bondage world with its adaptable harness, combining sophistication, comfort and safety.

Discover the range of playsuits from Couture de Nuit as well as all our other harness references on our website or in our showroom in the Vth arrondissement of Paris.

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